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January 26, 2010 09:00 ET

Arcoplate Field Trials Impress US Market

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - January 26, 2010) - Alloy Steel International (OTCBB: AYSI) -- New data from North American field trials convinced the US market of Arcoplate's unequalled longevity and cost benefits.

Results from the trials, presented at the Rocky Mountain Master Mechanics Conference in South Dakota on 12 December, showed that Alloy Steel's Arcoplate had a significantly higher wear rate and lasted up to six times longer than other products on the market.

Mr. Bud Sprouse, Vice President of Alloy Steel's North American office, and co-presenter Mr. R W Lieke, demonstrated that one ton of Arcoplate outlasted six tons of regular quenched and tempered hard steel, at least twice that of regular old style weld overlay plate.

US field trial results were used to illustrate significant cost savings to mine owners and to highlight how Arcoplate performed in high wear and material hang-up (carry back) situations in comparison to its competitors.

Trials in the iron range documented the differences between large electric-powered shovel buckets lined with Arcoplate and shovel buckets lined with heavy hard iron steel castings and quenched and tempered steel (Q&T) plate.

In hard rock mining conditions, Arcoplate lined shovel bucket lasted in excess of 8,000,000 tons. The heavy steel lined shovel buckets lasted for only 1,000,000 tons before needing replacement liners or requiring welding repairs to the iron steel castings.

Typically the photo to the right generally demonstrates what was once considered a normal wear protection package that in some cases is still being used to overcome wear. However, the above wear package has severe limitation by increasing substantially bucket weight and configuration severely decreasing cycle time by suffering from having to overcome massive friction losses, and downstream mechanical failures because of excessive stresses placed on the machine outside the machine's design parameters.

The photo to the right shows an Arcoplate hi efficiency bucket that not only significantly cuts down on the weight of the earlier wear package by greatly improving cycle times, load capacity, and wear life generally is improved dramatically while mechanical stresses are well within original manufacture's design specifications.

Mining dump truck bodies using Arcoplate to line the tail area lasted in excess of 30,000 hours. Dump trucks with a standard lining on the tail area required major repairs after 3,000 hours.

A D11 bulldozer with a normal weld hard facing overlay needed the blade reworked after only 22,000 hours. In the same mining location, an Arcoplate lined bulldozer blade has lasted for 45,000 hours and is still in operation. Estimates show the blade is likely to last for 90,000 hours.

These impressive results gathered in North America across a broad spectrum of mining operations only confirm what Alloy's (OTCBB: AYSI) clients In Australia and in other international markets are reporting back with their own experiences on how Arcoplate continues to challenge previous wear package designs and material selection.

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