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August 04, 2005 20:10 ET

Arizona's Identity Theft Prevention Symposiums: Taking the Fight to the Heart of the ID Theft Battle

The National Notary Association and Secretary of State Jan Brewer Partner to Equip "Arizona's Notaries, the state's proven fraud fighters, with the tools they need to help combat identity theft." - Jan Brewer, Arizona Secretary of State

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 4, 2005 -- The National Notary Association's (NNA) commitment to fighting fraud continues with a series of Identity Theft Prevention symposiums aimed at the heart of the nation's battle with ID theft. Arizona, ranked first in the nation in identity theft victims per 100,000 population, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), will be the site of two symposiums (August 10 in Phoenix and August 11 in Tucson) as part of a nationwide campaign to equip Notaries Public with the tools to detect and deter identity fraud crimes.

Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer, who oversees Arizona's 79,000 Notaries Public, will send Notary staff to the symposiums to elaborate on the Secretary's efforts to strengthen the Notary office and to educate Notaries on their crucial role in protecting Arizonians against fraud.

"Notaries really do play a crucial role in the nation's identity screening network and my office is committed to equipping Arizona's Notaries, the state's proven fraud fighters, with the tools they need to help combat identity theft," Brewer said.

Notaries serve as the nation's professional identity screeners for hundreds of sensitive transactions, from buying or selling a home, refinancing a mortgage, or granting a power of attorney, and have a unique opportunity to detect and deter identity fraud.

At the Identity Theft Prevention symposiums, Notaries will receive hands-on instruction on recognizing false driver's licenses, detecting forged signatures, preventing identity card fraud and handling suspicious document signers.

"Notaries are increasingly looked upon to help stymie identity fraud activity," commented NNA Executive Director Timothy S. Reiniger. "Notaries are in a crucial position to deter criminals from using fraudulent identification during important transactions and detect those criminals who are brazen enough to try."

Past NNA symposiums in California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Pennsylvania attracted hundreds of Notaries who were dedicated to sharpening their fraud-deterrent skills. For more information on the NNA symposiums or to register online, please visit

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