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April 25, 2008 16:00 ET

Article by Universal Detection Technology Featured in the Counter Terrorist Magazine

Article Titled "Combating the Evolving Threat of Biological Terrorism," by Universal Detection Technology Published in Industry Publication

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 25, 2008) - Universal Detection Technology ( (OTCBB: UDTT) (FRANKFURT: PO8), a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and a provider of counter terrorism training and solutions, announced today that a recent article titled "Combating the Evolving Threat of Biological Terrorism" drafted by UDTT's Director of Research and Development, Mr. Amir Ettehadieh has been published in the Counter Terrorist Magazine.

The Article describes the bio-terrorist threat facing the nation from both homegrown and foreign terrorist elements and the necessary steps that need to be taken by the government to combat this lethal WMD threat.

Unlike other weapons of mass destruction, biological agents used as a weapon of war are easy to conceal, easy to release, and designed to cause the simultaneous infection of mass casualties. The Nation must therefore be able to prepare for and respond to the evolving threat of bioterrorism and react to all manner of mass casualty incidents as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The three biggest life threatening Bio-terror scenarios that arguably pose the greatest threats to humans are a smallpox attack, an airborne anthrax attack, and a release of botulinum toxin in particular the milk supply.

The Anthrax mailings of 2001 were the most recent bio-terror attack involving weaponized anthrax. It is widely believed that the anthrax mailings were work of a domestic terrorist with access to advanced bio-weapon manufacturing equipment. Prior to that, the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan attempted an anthrax release in Tokyo in 1995 that did not cause any casualties due to the less virulent strain of anthrax used. Most disturbing is Al-Qaeda's pursuit of biological weapons evidence of which was uncovered in safe houses in Afghanistan.

The government currently has programs such as Project Bio-watch to monitor the air in large metropolitan areas as well as equipment in place to scan mail for bio-weapons. However, these programs need to be upgraded to allow for more rapid detection of an attack as well as being able to detect modified and more virulent stains of bio-weapons.

UDTT is a supplier of counter terrorism services and technologies to private and government organizations. The Company owns the license to a patented technology developed at NASA's JPL and utilized in UDTT's BSM-2000 used for autonomous monitoring of the air for presence of airborne bacterial spores such as anthrax. UDTT also supplies detection kits for detection of up to 5 bioterrorism agents. Among the Company's other products are radiation detection systems, educational material & training DVDs, and antimicrobial chemicals.

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