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December 03, 2007 13:06 ET

As PCI Compliance Deadline Nears Awareity Targets Biggest Risks

LINCOLN, NE--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - Most organizations find PCI policies and procedures tedious and challenging. However, they are required, and individual-level lack of awareness is the root cause of embarrassing and expensive incidents. Awareity's proven solutions eliminate these risks.

"The problem for many organizations is the lax manner in which they are interpreting and implementing the PCI rules," says Rick Shaw, CEO of Awareity. TJ Maxx failed 9 of the 12 PCI requirements, exposing 94 million customer accounts and costing the retailer millions of dollars in damage control.

Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) deadlines:

According to VISA only 65% of the Tier 1 organizations were compliant by the September 2007 deadline, and as of September 30th, only 43% of the Tier 2 organizations were compliant in advance of the upcoming December 31 deadline.

Lack of Awareness is Costly

Organizations cannot afford to ignore PCI compliance with:

--  Fines up to $25,000
--  Loss of ability to accept credit card payments
--  Negative publicity
--  Damage to reputation
--  Lawsuits
--  Escalating expenses
--  Loss of customer trust

"Organizations must realize that vulnerability scans and server reviews are not nearly enough. It is very obvious that all 12 PCI requirements depend on people to ensure appropriate steps are taken. However, very few organizations have the right tools to implement and manage these ongoing human factors efforts," says Shaw.

Technology Factors

Firewalls, storage devices, encryption, anti-virus software, locks, intrusion detection, approved scanning vendors and other technology solutions are important. However, it only takes one individual's lack of awareness to cause an expensive and embarrassing incident.

Human Factors

60% of all security breaches and 60% of privacy incidents are due to Human Factors. Organizations need to "connect the dots" between people, processes and technology and eliminate escalating gaps within their own organizations, as well across the multiple organizations (vendors, contractors, partners, service providers, etc.) they work with.

About Awareity

Awareity is the leader in Individual Awareness and Accountability Services (IAAS) and risk management tools for Human Factors. Awareity's services empower management to implement awareness and accountability at the individual-level across one or multiple organizations on an ongoing basis, while eliminating business as usual methodologies that are expensive, outdated and inefficient.

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