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November 15, 2006 08:00 ET

Aspect Software Unveils Global Campaign to Address Phenomenon of Power Shift 2.0

"Prove It" Campaign Aims to Help Business Leaders Deliver a Better Customer Experience

WESTFORD, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 --Aspect Software, Inc., the world's largest company solely focused on the contact center, announced today the launch of a new global marketing campaign designed to inspire leaders to deliver better customer experiences from the frontline of their business -- their contact center. The "Prove It" campaign consists of online and airport advertising, blogging, white papers, a website and will soon include an online promotion and webinars.

Independent research demonstrates that each unhappy customer will tell 13 to 15 people about their bad experience with a company -- far more people than they will tell of a good experience. When factoring in the power and reach of the Internet, one bad experience could have a significant impact on a company's brand, and ultimately, the bottom line. Aspect Software has coined this age of the activist consumer that uses emerging web technologies -- blogs, chat rooms, and wikis -- to air both their praises and their grievances about their experiences with corporate brands, Power Shift 2.0.

"This shifting of power into the hands of the consumer should be of great concern and importance to business leaders," said Mike Sheridan, vice president of strategy at Aspect Software. "But companies should not despair; they have the ability to prove to their customers that they care, they just need the right tools and some guidance to enhance the customer experience they deliver, therefore improving the way their brand is perceived and ultimately their bottom line."

Power Shift 2.0 is changing the way consumers choose with which companies they want to do business. As a result, business leaders need to recognize that the contact center is where a company can become known for exceeding customers' expectations, while generating customer and brand loyalty and improving financial performance.

As Gartner analyst Michael Moaz says in his report entitled "Why the Best IT Strategy is a Customer Strategy," "CIOs continue to list the support of CRM initiatives as a top priority. Leading businesses that execute well on CRM initiatives are being rewarded with higher retention rates and lower marketing spending. For others, customers are just about the last factor on the minds of the CEO and shareholders. The intentions of chief executives are best-understood through spending, not through mission statements or ad campaigns. It is in the IT budgets and investments in process improvement where the ultimate moves in customer satisfaction will be impacted, and it is here that we often see the largest (or smallest, for the best organizations) gaps between 'lip service' and great customer service."

The Prove It campaign was launched in October with banner advertisements on the Dow Jones Network/Wall Street Journal website. The banner ads link to, which hosts valuable content to help explain why executives should care about enhancing the customer experience they deliver and what tangible steps they can take to make that happen. The site includes a McKinsey report, a Forrester Research report, an Aspect-authored paper entitled "Reconnecting the Contact Center," and the Aspect Contact Center Satisfaction Index™ for both North America and Europe. Airport advertising began in November in Chicago O'Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airports. Aspect will continue to explore the Power Shift 2.0 phenomenon on its Contact Center: Unplugged blog ( and through web seminars and one, the Aspect customer newsletter. The campaign is also currently being rolled out in the EMEA and APAC regions as well.

"The goal of the Prove It campaign is to educate business leaders about Power Shift 2.0, how it can impact their business and to help them understand that there are ways to address this phenomenon head-on," added Sheridan. "Companies need to understand that by knowing what their customers expect, developing strategies to address, meet and exceed those expectations, and supporting those strategies with well-thought-out business processes and the right technology, they can make a real impact on long-term customer loyalty and the business as a whole."

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Source: Gartner, Inc. "Why the Best IT Strategy is a Customer Strategy," 30 March 2006. Michael Moaz.

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