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May 08, 2007 11:42 ET

Atlanta Businesses Offer College Students Internship Opportunities via

ATLANTA--(Collegiate Presswire - May 8, 2007) -, a trackable media-rich messaging service for job seekers, has partnered with local Atlanta businesses in a summer internship challenge, providing college students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a variety of industries.

Opportunities are being offered in a range of industries including: marketing, public relations, financial solutions and green. Metro Atlanta holds numerous career opportunities for prospective college students. MarketSQUARE Solutions along with the following businesses are participating in this internship challenge:

* AdvanceMe, Inc. (AMI), the nation's foremost provider of Merchant Cash Advances for small and mid-sized businesses

* AtomicFusion, an award-winning independent interactive marketing agency that provides strategically focused solutions for growth and Fortune 500 companies

* Redeem, a company that secures recyclables through either nonprofit fundraising programs or directly from consumers

* Trevelino/Keller Communications Group, the southeast's most reputable strategic and creative public relations agency

" offers applicants the opportunity to demonstrate not only their background and experience, but also to articulate their passion in a video," says Kurt Baumberger, president and CEO of MarketSQUARE. "Our tracking alert service also provides peace of mind to the applicant, so they know exactly where they are in the interview process."

How It Works and To Apply

With, an internship candidate can compose a short email message, upload a video, and attach a resume - even a portfolio or other samples of work. Then, they will receive a real-time alert via email or text message to see who has opened, viewed or forwarded their broadcast so they can follow up promptly with a "hot lead." Interested college students can log on to and submit their resume and individualized broadcast to their company of interest.

Value of Internship

Internships are excellent tools to build resumes, gain real-world knowledge and provide students with confidence when it is time to enter the work force. Through this challenge, local Atlanta businesses will offer college students the chance to engage in a business setting, enabling them to compete effectively in today's competitive and tightly networked business environment. By creating a three-dimensional resume using, qualified college students can take advantage of the power of user-generated content to create a video resume, an individualized broadcast and produce comprehensive tracking metrics.

Not only do students benefit from these networking opportunities, but businesses are also provided with the chance to utilize a new technology that may influence the way they make new hires in the future. By being able to look beyond the applicant's qualifications on paper, particularly for entry-level positions, businesses are able to get a glimpse of their personality and how they speak and carry themselves. This is a great way for businesses to streamline the interview process, save time and resources.

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MarketSQUARE provides media-rich, trackable messaging technology that enables online broadcast communication. MarketSQUARE's M2 Broadcast platform allows both consumer and business users to create, send and track video messages to their key audiences. The M2 Broadcast Platform powers, a tool designed for job search. By the end of June 2007, the M2 Broadcast Platform will power, a tool for salespeople who depend on personal relationships and communications for success. In the third quarter of 2007, the M2 Broadcast platform will power to allow tracking and customized reporting from headquarters throughout large and complex systems. MarketSQUARE is a private company based in Atlanta, GA.

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