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Atlantis Technology Group

March 26, 2010 11:56 ET

Atlantis Technology Group's CEO Christopher Dubeau Makes Statement to Shareholders and Reminds Them That There Are Only Seven (7) Trading Days Left to the 5 for 1 Forward Split

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 26, 2010) -  Atlantis Technology Group's (PINKSHEETS: ATNP) CEO Christopher M Dubeau states on behalf of thousands of shareholders, "I work very hard in trying to develop GOTV as a main stream giant in the Billion dollar ITPV Industry. It has come to my attention through several emails from concerned shareholders about the amount of fictitious and or slanderous information that is being posted on message boards in order to sway investors away to manipulate the share price for their own gain.

"If I had time to read all the financial posts the stockholders would suffer; I can assure you I will not play the bashers' games. Atlantis has Launched an Investigation into these Individuals that are attacking the Company and its Associates. Atlantis has Identified at least 3 of these Participants in what we deem to be manipulation of the Company's Stock price by making slanderous postings. We will seek every avenue available to bring these persons of interest to the forefront of the Judicial System.

"I will tell you that there is a box regardless of what you read or hear as shown in the demonstration provided by GOTV. We have 3850 sq ft of newly done offices and am going to show you all by following this link;

"Technicians have been working nights for the past months on the GO V Phone and GOTV IPTV system, as it's the wave of the future.

"I receive hundreds of emails asking for information I cannot divulge; if I spent all day answering emails again our new products would not hit the market.

"We are a non reporting pink sheet company so seeing no income does not mean the company is not filling orders or does not intend to file financial statements.

"We are very aware of a very large short position in our company, in the hundreds of millions of shares.

"Finally there are three (3) things of great importance, one (1) we are very real and very close to announcing the sale of the GO V Phone, two (2) large companies have shown great interest in GOTV, three (3) very soon I will hold a conference call with 100 callers allowed to ask questions. GOTV will announce the requirements shortly to get your code number to gain access."

About Global Online Television (GOTV)

Global Online Television Corporation was originally established by Atlantis Technology Group as a media subsection that would develop research in the advancement of media-based technology. GOTV brings the largest Internet protocol television networks together for your home television viewing. IPTV is TV to TV, using standard broadband connections. By using the IPTV and Microsoft Windows Media Player, the video stream is delivered to your home television over broadband Internet connection. Any broadband Internet connection can be used, so there is no need to change providers. It is fast, simple, and affordable. To find out more about Global Online Television, please visit

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