January 22, 2006 02:32 ET

AuctionCities, Inc. Issues Correction and Cancels Transaction With Auction Video, Inc.

Misstatement of Information Supplied by Auction Video Prompts AuctionCities to Apologize to SANYO

VALENCIA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 22, 2006 -- In a series of unfortunate events,, Inc. (OTC: AUCC) ( finds itself a victim of misstatement of information and subsequently, was forced to cancel its relationship with Auction Video, Inc. due to a statement issued Thursday, over BUSINESS WIRE (TOKYO - Jan. 19, 2006) by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Spokesperson, Ryan Watson, denied the licensing agreement between NTT-DATA SANYO and Auction Video, Inc. In Thursday's release, Watson stated, "NTT-DATA SANYO SYSTEM has absolutely no business with..."

Details of the announcement from the Sanyo Booth at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, as communicated by Auction Video, are denied by NTT_DATA SANYO. Thereby, the terms of the, Inc. and Auction Video, Inc. transaction are cancelled.

Statements in press releases (Jan. 5, 7, 13, 2006) as represented by Auction Video, Inc. to, Inc. as valid, appear to have been unapproved by persons unknown to, Inc. at the time of the press releases. Therefore, the following points, while they occurred on January 5, 2006, are no longer valid:

1. The new SANYO VideoCellphone was officially unveiled at CES.

2. An exclusive licensing agreement does not exist with NTT-DATA SANYO and Auction

3. The NTT-DATA SANYO Video Communications Cell Phone schedule for U.S. rollout is unknown.

4. No agreement currently exists, whereby will be the exclusive U.S. Internet distributor of this exciting new device.

While, Inc. apologizes for any embarrassment, because photographic and video evidence exists, we cannot deny statements and events that actually happened in the historical chronology of Jan 5, 2006.

Additionally, in the (Jan. 5, 2006) news release, a comment reported and furnished by Auction Video attributed to NTT-DATA SANYO, seems to have been fabricated and distributed by someone other than, Inc. It has, recently, been reported to AuctionCities that said person and department do not exist., Inc. CEO, Michael S. Berman stated, "I apologize for the aforementioned news releases which were, evidently and absolutely, not based on facts, as reported to, Inc. I regret the embarrassment caused to Sanyo and those associated with, including our members and shareholders. We rely on the integrity of our business associates and up to this point, our 'due diligence inquiries' have not presumed to venture beyond the information provided by our proposed partners. In the future, in order that this sort of information delivery doesn't cause harm, we will take the utmost caution regarding information disclosure."

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