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February 17, 2010 09:00 ET

Audi Trumps Google With the Most Engaging Super Bowl Ad, but Also Has Split Effect

OpenAmplify Analysis Shows Automotive Ads Resonating Well Week After Super Bowl

ANNAPOLIS, MD and LONDON--(Marketwire - February 17, 2010) - OpenAmplify (, the Semantic Web platform, today announced that the Super Bowl ad for Audi had the most powerful online engagement the week following the game, followed by Google. Doritos (house rules) and other automotive brands Dodge, Volkswagen and Kia rounded the top six performers. OpenAmplify analyzed how people commented, linked-to and reacted-to the ads posted on YouTube's adblitz Channel, examining how the ads stimulated reactions and spread throughout the main social media channels and platforms.

OpenAmplify determined that Audi had the best 'Engagement Ratio' (adblitz views vs. total social media reactions). While its ad had the second most reactions, after Google, it also created a split effect, with 53% positive reactions vs. 47% negative, trying to balance a positive Green message with totalitarian police-state images.

"It's very interesting that the Automotive brands seem to have done the best job in generating so-called 'earned media.' This is highly significant, as products that require a long influence and sales cycle need to work hard to stay top of mind among consumers," said Mark Redgrave, CEO of OpenAmplify. "When investing in Super Bowl ads, marketers are looking into how this boosts, extends and sustains the message and the brand in other areas. To maximize the investment, marketers need to provoke and get people to react -- not just to generate more visitors and views, but to generate more chatter and conversation that multiplies their paid media into earned media."

Here are more highlights from OpenAmplify's Super Bowl ads engagement data:

--  Super Bowl ads for Snickers (89%), Google (87%), Volkswagen (79%),
    and Coke (74%) had the highest percentage of positive reactions
    across social media
--  70-30 rule: Ads for Google, Audi, and Doritos generated the most
    reactions, with an overwhelming percentage of the share among the ten
    most-engaged ads -- 74% of total reactions versus the rest of the
    top 10
--  'Love' and 'LOL' were the most used terms associated with
    positively-received ads from Snickers, Google, Volkswagen and Coke
--  Audi and Dr. Pepper had a polarizing effect, where audiences were
    split nearly down the middle on whether they liked the ad or not
--  From the four automotive brands with the most reactions, Volkswagen
    and Kia had the most positive reactions, 70+% for both, while Dodge
    and Audi had the least, 60% or lower; however, only Kia and Dodge had
    action-oriented reactions such as 'get' and 'want' associated with
    their ads

Engagement ranking (adblitz views vs. total social media reactions):

1)  Audi (green police)
2)  Google (Parisian love)
3)  Doritos (house rules)
4)  Dodge (last man)
5)  Volkswagen (punch)
6)  Kia (Sorento)
7)  Coke (Simpsons)
8)  Dr. Pepper (KISS)
9)  Snickers (Betty White)
10) Doritos (snack attack)

Share across top 10 ads with the most reactions:

--  Google (Parisian love)  39%
--  Audi (green police)     22%
--  Doritos (house rules)   12%
--  Dodge (last man)         6%
--  Snickers (Betty White)   4%
--  Coke (Simpsons)          4%
--  Volkswagen (punch)       4%
--  Kia (Sorento)            3%
--  Dr. Pepper (KISS)        3%
--  Doritos (snack attack)   3%

Positive sentiment percentage across top 10 ads with the most reactions:

--  Google (Parisian love)  87%
--  Audi (green police)     53%
--  Doritos (house rules)   70%
--  Dodge (last man)        60%
--  Snickers (Betty White)  89%
--  Coke (Simpsons)         74%
--  Volkswagen (punch)      79%
--  Kia (Sorento)           71%
--  Dr. Pepper (KISS)       48%
--  Doritos (snack attack)  66%

To determine how ads generated reactions, OpenAmplify examined how links to the ads were commented on and circulated across social media in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and blogs. OpenAmplify examined 28,924 total reactions.

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