SOURCE: AudienceScience


February 11, 2010 09:00 ET

AudienceScience Meets Growing UK Market Demand With Launch of Premium UK Audience Targeting Network

Global Partners to Offer Quality Audience and Reach

LONDON--(Marketwire - February 11, 2010) - AudienceScience, a targeting technology company driving digital media success, announced today the launch of its AudienceScience Network in the UK. While other networks may offer behavioral capabilities, the AudienceScience network, the first of its kind in the market, leverages existing relationships with a number of key premium partners willing to share access to their highly qualified audience data that the UK advertisers demand.

The AudienceScience Network will initially offer over 100 behaviorally driven segments ranging from music, lifestyle and personal finance through to technology, business and automotive. These can then be used to give marketers the data intelligence to reach the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

"UK advertisers are clamoring for audience targeting services as the market has grown, and our partners can deliver the quality data that enables them to access their ideal audiences," said CEO Jeff Hirsch. "What they need now is an efficient way to connect with those partners and leverage their data. With our technology, expertise and tenure in the space, AudienceScience will help UK partners maximize the potential of their data and drive further expansion of audience targeting in the UK."

Already a frontrunner in audience targeting innovation in 16 countries around the globe, AudienceScience is broadening its network offerings by bringing extensive expertise, sophisticated technology and quality data to the fast growing UK market. AudienceScience's UK network will provide UK-based advertisers with detailed insight into their customer pool, enabling them to reach their ideal consumers with the messages and offers that appeal to their individual needs.

"The UK market has grown significantly in recent years and there is a wealth of data to be harnessed to help advertisers find their audiences online," said Paul Frampton, Managing Director at MPG & Media Contacts. "With its long-standing reputation for superior targeting technology and experience in the space, AudienceScience is the most appropriate partner to help agencies meet that demand. We've seen great initial results from AudienceScience powered partners in the past and expect the same from their network."

"In the UK market and beyond, audience-based advertising has become a vital aspect of the marketing and retailing process and, by developing a UK arm of our AudienceScience Network, we have provided a way for global advertisers and publishers to more easily make that shift," said Stuart Colman, Managing Director of European Operations, AudienceScience. "Our partners here in the UK are significantly maximizing the value of this new network and we look forward to helping them lead the way for other partners to embrace audience targeting."

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