SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 25, 2008 12:02 ET

Automatic Defrag Solves the Amazing Disappearing Maintenance Time Window

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 25, 2008) - When defragmentation was first invented, it was a Godsend. Before it arrived, the only way to solve performance-crippling fragmentation was to perform a laborious and time-consuming backup-and-restore of the drive, which had to be done in off-hours when users weren't on the system. Defragmentation also had to be done on off-hours, but unlike backup-and-restore, could be scheduled so the system manager didn't have to be present.

As Windows® systems became the norm, fragmentation followed, and so did scheduled defragmentation. For many years, it was a carried-on tradition that seemed to work fine; when users went home, systems could be taken offline and maintenance such as defrag could be scheduled and run without a problem.

Then the advent of the Internet literally opened up a whole world of possibilities. Suddenly it was possible for a company in Wisconsin to be selling to a buyer in Hong Kong -- at 3 in the morning. An office in London could access product information at the Philadelphia headquarters. A database in Los Angeles could be updated in real time from sales occurring in Paris. This meant that certain computers couldn't be shut down -- they had to remain up and running so they could be accessed whenever the need arose.

To remain competitive, companies also began expanding their work hours and adding shifts. This meant that not only servers were running 24X7, but user desktop systems as well.

As this modus operandi expanded, scheduled defragmentation became a real problem. The "time windows" in which users weren't on a system began disappearing. It has now come to a point where such times have vanished altogether, leaving IT departments very little choice: either defragmentation has to be avoided altogether until it must be done, or it has to performed while users are on the system, and performance just has to suffer until it's completed. Either way, it costs the company dearly in terms of lost time and income.

To the relief of many enterprises, Diskeeper® software with InvisiTasking® technology completely eliminates this problem; defrag occurs "on the fly," with zero overhead. Once installed, defrag is completely automatic, occurring whenever and wherever idle system resources are available. No scheduling is ever required, there are never negative performance hits from defrag and performance is constantly maximized.

Diskeeper software's automatic operation means that vital 24X7 servers never have to be taken down for defrag maintenance. Invisibly, performance and reliability are maximized. The amazing disappearing time window for maintenance is fully and forever solved!

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