SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 20, 2008 09:00 ET

Automatic Defrag: the Gift of Smooth Running

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - Anyone responsible for controlling a piece of equipment wants that equipment to run smoothly. A crane operator wants to be able to lift his load without missing or dropping it. Someone running a metal stamping machine in a factory wants it to be accurate and continuous so that the rest of the manufacturing process down the line will have plenty of work. And the driver of a car wants a smooth, comfortable journey, even if he or she is only driving to the office.

This is especially true of computers in a corporate environment, because those systems affect everyone else in the company, not just the operator. If those computers are slow, it impacts production all across the enterprise. If a disk crashes, it creates an employee and executive panic and puts everyone in the IT department in emergency mode. If applications hang, the help desk phone rings off the hook.

Most system administrators know that file fragmentation is a threat to performance and reliability, and do their best to take measures to prevent it. Unfortunately, traditional methods have meant costly IT hours invested in analyzing fragmentation to make sure defrag occurs on the right drives, and then addressing the challenge of defragmenting systems at times when user activity isn't occurring -- a real problem in today's 24X7 computing environments.

Diskeeper® software with InvisiTasking® technology enables systems to run smoothly. InvisiTasking makes it possible for defrag to be performed invisibly, in the background. Performance and reliability are consistently maximized.

"Diskeeper is one of the first things I do, as the systems tend to run much smoother with less disk thrashing," said Shane Lowe, Network Administrator with Comprehensive Engineering Services in Orlando, Florida. "I actually tend to forget that it's installed and running. Every once in a while I'll pull up the console on a system and analyze the drives and always see that they are indeed defragmented and running smoothly."

Lowe is responsible for a very compute-intensive network. "We have three servers. Two are domain controllers running Server 2008, one is 32bit and the other is 64bit," he said. "The final server is 2008 64bit with Exchange 2007. All servers are RAID 5 systems. We have a couple of systems running AutoCAD; most run Microstation."

InvisiTasking works by utilizing only otherwise-idle resources. There is never a negative performance hit from defrag, and best of all, scheduling is never required.

Diskeeper software's fully automatic defrag consistently delivers the benefit all system administrators want: a smoothly running, highly performing system.

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