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August 23, 2010 06:22 ET

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC) Introduces New, Lightweight, Heavy Fuel-Burning, Partially Ceramic, 30 HP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Engine With "M2P Cycle" to U.S. Government Buyers for Partner Testing at AUVSI's North America Show

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  Axial Vector Energy Corporation ("AVEC") (PINKSHEETS: AXVC) is set to unveil its new, lightweight, partially ceramic 30hp heavy fuel UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) engine at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America show tomorrow in Denver, Colorado. The show runs from August 24-27. Participants are strongly encouraged to visit AVEC's booth, Booth # 3919. Additional show information can be found at

Features of the new engine include:

  • An advanced, heavy fuel, low pressure, direct injection system
  • Fuel droplet sizes as small as 10 microns ensure complete burn, low emissions and high fuel economy
  • Compact Electronic Control Module (ECM) with a J1929 Can Bus; the ECM can be used as either a slave or master module
  • A powerful, integrated starter/generator for additional bursts of speed
  • 12% more fuel efficiency with heavy fuels vs. any other engine by patented improved M2P Cycle
  • Light weight ceramic engine parts =low weight + reduced friction + increased reliability + Longer Engine Life=Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • 30-60 HP Class engines 1lb/hp or Less
  • 5-20 HP Class engines available as generators for electric UAV
  • Superior Turndown Ratio for Loitering (10:1) -- Best in Class
  • Very compact design

Sam Higgins, AVEC's Chairman, noted, "AUVSI is a perfect venue for unveiling breakthrough UAV engine technologies. Key Government and prime contractor project managers and buyers will be at the show and have already indicated keen interest in new, lower cost of acquisition/ownership, lower weight, higher performance engines that burn standard military fuels, as opposed to gasoline. We're sure that this engine will be a big hit and have secured additional ads designed to drive traffic to AVEC's information booth. "

Douglas Hahn, Chief Engineer, stated, "Beyond all of the well known military, homeland defense, disaster relief and police applications for this new engine, we see a plethora of commercial uses in the emergency services, weather monitoring, forestry, maritime and commercial fishing industries. The new MP2 cycle adds an efficiency gain of 12% in thermal efficiency that translates to longest time aloft per gallon in the industry. In addition this engine is partially ceramic. All high friction and wear components have been designed as ceramic components. In addition ceramic engines do not require a large cooling system and hence allow a major weight reduction and therefore greater fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency of the engine is also higher at high temperature, as shown by Carnot's theorem in thermodynamics -- see In a conventional metallic engine, much of the energy released from the fuel must be dissipated as waste heat in order to prevent a meltdown of the metallic parts."


The Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) is the world's largest non-profit organization representing over 6,000 individuals in more than 50 countries and is devoted to advancing the unmanned systems community. AUVSI with members from government organizations, industry and academia is committed to fostering, developed and promoting unmanned systems and related technologies.

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Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC) is a global solutions provider that owns, develops, invest in and licenses revolutionary technologies including, internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial and commercial applications. AVEC and its partners are positioned to become unrivalled leaders in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive and versatile solutions for use in a wide variety of important applications around the world.

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