SOURCE: Axiom Microdevices Inc.

October 15, 2007 12:28 ET

Axiom Microdevices Shipping More Than One Million CMOS Power Amplifiers Monthly

Record Orders Demonstrate Industry Acceptance of Mainstream CMOS as a Reliable Alternative to Proprietary GaAs

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Axiom Microdevices Inc., provider of the world's first and only fully integrated complementary metal oxide semiconductor power amplifiers (CMOS PA) for mobile handsets, announced today that it shipped more than one million power amplifiers in the months of August and September. This increase in monthly volume puts the company on track to ship a total of 10 million units of its quad-band GPRS CMOS PA by the end of 2007. Multiple handsets containing Axiom Microdevices' product now are shipping in Europe and Asia.

"The shipment of our first million units earlier this year marked our transition to a fully operational enterprise, endorsed by some of the world's leading handset and semiconductor manufacturers," said Brett Butler, chief executive officer, Axiom Microdevices. "With today's announcement that we are shipping more than one million units monthly, Axiom Microdevices is poised to become the leader in PA and advanced RF integration. Our unique CMOS PA technology provides distinct advantages for handset manufacturers by removing the need for specialty process technologies in the last 'non-CMOS' circuit block of the phone. Handset designers select Axiom Microdevices because our AX502 offers better quality, cost and delivery."

Axiom Microdevices' patented technology, deployed in the AX502 CMOS PA, allows the use of 130-nanometer silicon CMOS process technology to integrate all of the functions between transmitter output and transmit/receive switch. Axiom Microdevices realizes power gain stages, small signal control circuitry and 50-ohm matching on a single die, achieving what was previously only viable with devices manufactured primarily in proprietary gallium arsenide (GaAs) process technology and assembled in complex multichip module packaging.

Axiom Microdevices has proven the reliability of its quad-band GPRS PA through thousands of hours of life testing and high-volume shipments to top handset manufacturers.

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Axiom Microdevices Inc. is a supplier of fully integrated commodity complementary metal oxide semiconductor power amplifiers (CMOS PA) to the worldwide mobile handset market. The company's patented technology offers the latest advances in radio frequency integration, enabling customers to reduce design complexities and bill of materials, while optimizing performance and guaranteeing supply continuity. Axiom Microdevices has its headquarters in Irvine, Calif., with sales representation also in the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan and South Korea. For more information, please visit us at

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