Enflick, Inc.

Enflick, Inc.

August 17, 2010 10:00 ET

BBM Faces a New Cross-Platform Rival for Top Spot in the Instant Messaging World

PingChat! Launches Free Cross-Platform Instant Messaging for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android Platforms

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 17, 2010) - A new instant messaging platform, PingChat! by Waterloo-based start-up Enflick has taken straight aim at BlackBerry Messenger with a free cross-platform solution that embraces RIM, Google and Apple smartphone devices. The app, which released Friday August 13th for Android and BlackBerry, attracted 25,000 new users within its first day on the market, and enables not only one to one instant messaging but group messaging as well.

PingChat! for iPhone, initially released in September, 2009, now has approximately 3 million registered users and is managing more than 8 million messages per day. PingChat! 2 for BlackBerry and Android Platforms further expands on the app's already powerful capabilities to include:

  • Media messaging (pictures and video)
  • Group messaging
  • Voice notes
  • Gorgeous new user interface
  • Location messaging (send locations via google maps)
  • New servers and infrastructure to improve reliability
  • Find PingChat! friends with the phone registration feature

"We are totally stoked by PingChat!'s out of the gate performance," says Gary Fung, Founder of PingChat!. "This app goes beyond anything BBM can offer – our app gives users the ability to message friends, groups of friends, and provides full platform coverage including BlackBerry, Android and the iPhone, making it the most universally available instant messaging system on the planet!" 

Media Links

Demo: http://www.youtube.com/user/Enflick#p/u/6/3r_VDaKGuAY or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r_VDaKGuAY or http://bit.ly/bt9PKO

ScreenShots: http://s786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/enflick/PingChat/

More information http://www.pingchat.com

Download Free PingChat!

iPod/iPhone: http://bit.ly/pingitunes

Android (device download only): http://bit.ly/PingChatSitePR  or http://www.pingchat.com

BlackBerry (device download only): http://bit.ly/PingChatSitePR or http://www.pingchat.com

About PingChat!

Originally developed by Gary Fung, creator of many iPhone apps including Smart Dial, PushGmail, Ping and others started iPhone development the very first day the iPhone SDK was made available.

Released in October of 2009, PingChat! quickly climbed to the top of the iPhone app store in a matter of days during. Surpassing Facebook, Myspace and many others within its first week of sales catching the attention of impressive media sources including the Toronto Star, LeMatin, Storm Magazine, PCWorld, and Gizmodo.

PingChat! was created with an ambitious goal; to free all mobile users from paying unreasonable SMS and MMS fees around the globe. Success is already an omnipresent word in Gary's vocabulary with nearly 3 Million downloads and growing. Going forward PingChat! aims to become the most reliable and feature rich communication platform across the smartphone market at a price anyone can afford because its now FREE.

Gary recently joined Enflick inc. to continue his development of PingChat!. Leading the Enflick team are John Lerner and Derek Ting, known for applications including: TextNow (Ranked "The number one, Paid, Social Media App"), Mail Notifier, and MessageNow. Their combined experience in messaging applications has allowed them to create an application that has already changed the way many iPod and iPhone users communicate.

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