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January 01, 2008 09:00 ET


Need a Source? Executive Work-Life Coach Offers Tips....

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - Jan. 1, 2008) - "Returning to work after the seasonal holidays - or any long break -- can be difficult for many people, even for those who love their jobs," says Eileen Chadnick, a certified career/executive coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching. "For many, inertia sets in after the holidays, but there are ways to energize your spirits and get you into a TGIM (thank goodness it's Monday) mindset."

Here are a few thought-starters for folks who could use a little boost in getting back to work after the holidays.

1. Take time to acknowledge the successes of the year past:

Too often we rush to climb the next "mountain" without taking stock of the successes we've just achieved on past mountains. Making a list will bring to light your accomplishments, strengths, passions and renew your enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.

2. Identify goals for 2008 - but make sure they are the right goals for you:

Goals are important but goals for "goals sake" don't work. Make sure they are meaningful, tangible and attainable.

3. Make a plan to actualize your goals:

A goal without a plan is simply wishful thinking. Take yourself seriously and put focus, action, commitment --and the right support behind your goals. If this doesn't energize you - you may be pursuing the wrong goals.

4. Take stock of what makes you tick:

Reflect on your values, strengths, passions and interests. Use this self awareness as a compass for making career (and life) choices that will inspire you.

5. Practise gratitude:

Being mindful of the good things in work (and life) can make a big difference to your perspective.

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Eileen Chadnick, ACC, ACPC, ABC is a certified coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching -- a coaching and consulting company inspiring TGIM (thanks goodness it's Monday) attitudes, aptitudes and altitudes for leaders at work and in life.
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