November 20, 2008 13:56 ET

BX.COM Completes $25 Million Acquisition Strategy

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - BX.COM Incorporated, the 15 year eCommerce software veteran, is announcing its $25 million acquisition strategy. "It took us the better part of this year to finalize the acquisition strategy," says Ken Berquist, EVP, BX.COM, who led the negotiations. "The funds being raised will enable BX.COM to aggressively purchase strategic eCommerce assets."

BX.COM is seeking to acquire eCommerce software companies with a strong client base and convert their shopping cart software packages to BX.COM's pureCommerce platform. BX.COM has the capability to leverage its experienced management team to capitalize on the success of a similar directive it implemented seven years ago during the last economic downturn.

The goal is to assist companies in financial difficulty (pre or post Chapter 7 or 11 Bankruptcy) or companies wishing to discontinue eCommerce services. "We will purchase their client base and create a clear migration path to ensure that their eCommerce clients do not experience any downtime. Once on the pureCommerce platform, clients will notice a significant increase in sales due to the substantial number of features unique to pureCommerce, such as the sophisticated built-in merchandising. Plus, the administrative staff will enjoy the reduction in work required for maintaining and managing their eCommerce solutions," says Mark Shapiro, President of BX.COM.

Traditionally, November through January is considered a slow period for eCommerce software sales, but the current economic environment has created a panic effect among customers wondering if their eCommerce provider will survive. "We credit our survival to block and tackle business tactics: provide quality products at a reasonable price -- no magic, no silver bullets, just traditional business values produced exclusively by U.S. workers," Shapiro notes.

About BX.COM

Established in 1994, BX.COM, a Certified Microsoft Partner, is recognized as one of the most experienced interactive technology companies on the Internet. With a strong focus on mission-critical eCommerce, CRM, and content management applications, its comprehensive and versatile solutions have assisted thousands of industry-leading companies, such as GE, Standard & Poor's, John Hancock, Velcro and Reader's Digest in acquiring and retaining customers, while increasing their overall lifetime value.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (MSFT) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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Discretely handled by Mark Shapiro, President of BX.COM.

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