SOURCE: Back2Sleep, LLC.

April 30, 2008 08:00 ET

Back2Sleep Releases a Breakthrough in Sleep Technology Called "Atlas-T Pillow®," Which Stops or Alleviates People From Snoring and Provides Numerous Other Health Benefits

SAFETY HARBOR, FL--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - Back2Sleep, is pleased to announce the release of its breakthrough sleep orthopedic pillow called, "Atlas-T Pillow®." While laying on one's back, the Atlas-T Pillow® is designed to maintain 16 degrees between the cervico-cranial (Atlas) junctions, which widens the airway openings, and thereby stops or alleviates snoring. This is accomplished through a patent pending Atlanto-Axial Support "AXS" which supports the top two vertebrae of the spine. Findings have shown that 16 degrees is the most effective angle to support the neck in relation to the spine for maximizing airway patency, which is supported by chiropractic and medical research, as well as CT scans performed and read by an independent radiologist. Additionally, these cat scans showed a 100 percent success rate in re-curving the cervical lordosis, which should greatly benefit those who suffer from whiplash, headaches, numbness in extremities, and other ailments due to improper alignment of the upper spine. Unlike other sleep aid pillows, the Atlas-T Pillow® is designed to allow its users the flexibility to sleep on their back or side.

This month, Back2Sleep gained the approval of the FDA, and is now registered as an FDA class I medical device, and was also approved for insurance reimbursement through Medicare.

Dr. Eric Groteke, DC, Co-Inventor commented, "We are incredibly pleased with the results derived from the Atlas-T Pillow®, and the millions of people we will help who can't get a restful night sleep due to snoring, headaches, or those waking with feelings of numbness and/or tingling in their extremities and other possible afflictions preventing them from sleeping through the night. While we are classified as a class I medical device by the FDA, this is a product that was designed to help the masses. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the dangers associated with snoring, which include cardiovascular disease and obesity."

The Atlas-T Pillow® is manufactured in the USA, and is presently being sold through authorized Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and through Back2Sleep's website,

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