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August 15, 2005 17:31 ET

Backchannelmedia Opens up the DIGITAL GATEWAY

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 15, 2005 -- Boston-based Backchannelmedia has launched of DIGITAL GATEWAY, an online information data-bridge that provides direct marketers access to real-time data from all their third-party vendors in order to gain invaluable sales knowledge and better manage expenses for their direct response TV campaigns (infomercials and short form commercials).

Eight years in development, DIGITAL GATEWAY was unveiled by Backchannelmedia founder and CEO, Michael Kokernak.

"DIGITAL GATEWAY will change the way the direct response television marketer approaches campaign analysis," said Michael Kokernak, president and CEO Backchannelmedia, Inc. "We are confident that the DIGITAL GATEWAY will become the standard for the direct response television media-buying industry."

"The Services Oriented Architecture of the DIGITAL GATEWAY was built using an optimal combination of cutting edge technologies and embracing existing web services and eCommerce standards, while providing a high degree of security, flexibility, and scalability to its users," said Backchannelmedia's CTO, Greg Arsenault. "This will facilitate ease of use as well as minimize setup and integration efforts required by our customers and data providers, greatly eliminating barriers which often inhibit rapid adoption of new and enabling technologies."

For the first time, DIGITAL GATEWAY aggregates real-time campaign tracking reports and data from telemarketers, fulfillment, and other sources to provide DRTV marketers with the most comprehensive, timely information ever made possible. Telemarketing data is currently integrated with Backchannelmedia's "S.T.A.R.S." (Sales Tracking and Reporting Services). Fulfillment data and Internet response data integration is scheduled for release in 4th Quarter 2005. Through DIGITAL GATEWAY coupled with STARS, direct marketers will receive instantaneous, accurate feedback that can establish what infomercials and short form commercials work -- and what doesn't work -- and quickly determine where their media dollars are being most effectively spent. Users will also be able to reduce human resource costs associated with managing various data imports and sources into direct response television media applications that are now rendered obsolete by DIGITAL GATEWAY.

Real-time sourced data from the DIGITAL GATEWAY is available to users by logging in to the company's in-house developed proprietary web application "S.T.A.R.S." (Sales Tracking and Reporting Services). STARS has revolutionized online reporting for the direct marketing industry. Its customizable dashboard and intuitive user interface offers direct marketers the most comprehensive insights into their DR campaign results.

Established in March 2000 and located in the heart of Boston's historic Leather District, Backchannelmedia is a web-enabled direct response media planning and buying company serving the home shopping, direct response television and software application development industries. The company has set a path to be the most visible media-buying agency in the industry by focusing efforts on utilizing cutting edge web-technology and integrating it with the DRTV industry. is the #1 company for Search Engine Saturation measured as "total pages indexed" against the Top 100 Advertising Agencies in the United States. As seen on Amazon's,, is topping the largest advertising agencies in the world and continues to grow everyday.

Backchannelmedia is also recognized inside -- and beyond -- the direct marketing industry for its daily electronic newsletter DRTVConnected, which has more than 18,000 daily subscribers. Prepared in-house by Backchannelmedia, DRTVConnected carefully selects its news from over 3,000 licensed content sources.

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