IET-Aquaresearch Ltd

IET-Aquaresearch Ltd

November 12, 2009 07:00 ET

Bacta-Pur® Affordably Eliminates Sewer Arteriosclerosis and Overflows

NORTH HATLEY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 12, 2009) -

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IET-Aquaresearch Ltd releases new BACTIVATOR® v.4 (, using a purely biological process to digest grease in drains and sewers. The operating cost, for restaurants and food service establishments, is less than one half penny per meal served. The benefits to cities don't stop with elimination of arteriosclerosis of sewers; the beneficial bacteria optimize wastewater treatment and can reduce energy consumption thus reducing causes of global warming... Bacta-Pur® cultures that eat the grease are so safe that they have also been used in aquaculture, garden ponds, bird sanctuaries, aquaria, lobster tanks and even in the Giant Panda research Institute in China.

Grease accumulations cause sewer overflows and contamination of communities and water bodies. These problems are universal and are associated with spread of cholera and other diseases.

Grease, from restaurants and other food service establishments, is an important cause of the blockages, destruction of municipal infrastructure and production of toxic and noxious odors. Cities spend vast sums to unblock the mess and to deal with complaints from outraged citizens.

Regulations can be no better than the affordable technology, which can justify their existence. These are difficult times for businesses and many restaurants have closed. Regulations must not drive restaurants out of business.

The new BACTIVATOR® v.4, of the Bacta-Pur® System, provides the purely biological and affordable solution. The BACTIVATOR® grows and conditions communities of friendly / beneficial bacteria, without added often toxic chemicals such as surfactants, emulsifiers, which just send the grease down stream.

If restaurants raise the cost of a complete meal by one penny, the operating costs for the Bacta-Pur® System are free, grease problems can become history, and the restaurant contributes to protecting the environment and to reducing global warming.

The Bacta-Pur® System was developed by aquatic ecologists and is based on a rather unique marketing approach: environmental protection doesn't have to be expensive; it can actually save money for municipalities and companies. Clients save money and increase profits, and the result of using the Bacta-Pur® System is environmental protection and restoration.

IET-Aquaresearch Ltd is a Canadian company whose headquarters are near North Hatley, Quebec, Canada. The company's website is Bacta-Pur® is a registered trademark of Aquaresearch Canada Ltd used under license.

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