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July 31, 2008 12:17 ET

Balihoo Launches Balihoo Publisher Edition to Help Media Sellers Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

Web-Based Application Allows Media Owners to Position and Sell the Full Breadth of Their Cross-Media Inventory Directly to Media Buyers Through a Publisher-Branded Portal

BOISE, ID--(Marketwire - July 31, 2008) - Balihoo, the leading provider of advertising productivity tools that dramatically streamline the media buying process across all media types, announced today the launch of Balihoo Publisher Edition, a web-based application that allows media owners and publishers to offer their inventory directly to media buyers through a publisher branded portal. Balihoo Publisher Edition also provides publishers with tools for creating cross-medium and segment-specific advertising bundles that improve the efficiency of the media sales process. These tools help media organizations increase revenue and margin by increasing the percentage of their inventory that is sold directly to advertisers.

Balihoo Publisher Edition is available immediately.

Media owners and publishers using Balihoo Publisher Edition can provide existing and prospective media buyers with advanced search and campaign management tools that make it easier for buyers to find advertising opportunities that match their specific campaign goals. Delivering self-service tools into the hands of media buying organizations through Balihoo Publisher Edition provides publishers with the following benefits:

--  Increase percentage of direct sales of inventory. Driving more
    inventory through a direct sales model, instead of through third-party
    sales channels, gives media sellers greater control over their brand and
    pricing while avoiding high sales commission rates.
--  Sell to a broader base of media buyers. By providing an automated,
    self-service environment in which to buy their advertising inventory,
    Publisher Edition allows media sellers to service a greater number of media
    buying customers that were previously considered "too small."
--  Improve direct sales efficiency. By automating the administrative
    functions in the media transaction workflow and enabling self-service of
    repetitive buys, Publisher Edition frees sales rep time to focus on high-
    value, high-margin strategic sales efforts.
--  Facilitate incremental buys from existing customers. By providing a
    self-service portal with their pre-negotiated rates built in, Publisher
    Edition makes it easy for media sellers' existing customers to use end-of-
    quarter budgets or meet urgent product launch needs quickly.  Additionally,
    configurable alerts sent to customers make them aware of the availability
    of new inventory or special pricing on remnant inventory.

Balihoo Publisher Edition complements Balihoo Agency Edition, launched in June 2007. Designed for media buying organizations, Balihoo Agency Edition provides media buyers with one central location for media research, planning, knowledge sharing, and communicating directly with media sellers.

"We formed Balihoo and launched Balihoo Agency Edition over a year ago with the goal of bridging the media fragmentation gap between buyers and sellers that has completely disrupted the traditional ad-buying model," said Pete Gombert, Balihoo's founder and CEO. "With today's launch of Balihoo Publisher Edition, we're moving toward closing the gap by providing media sellers with the tools they need to promote and sell the full breadth of their cross-medium advertising vehicle portfolio. Balihoo Publisher Edition provides publishers exactly what they need in these challenging media sales times by increasing revenues, decreasing overall cost-of-sales and providing significantly improved customer service to their media buying customers."

Built upon Balihoo's AnyMedia™ Database, Balihoo Publisher Edition provides media owners multiple tools that will have an overall positive impact on their bottom-lines:

--  White Label Portal - Media owners and publishers can present their
    discreet set of offerings to their customers through a dedicated, branded
    portal that is elegant and user-friendly. Balihoo Professional Services is
    available to help customize the look and feel of each portal, making it
    unique and consistent with each owner's brand.
--  Search Engine - Through a powerful and intuitive search algorithm, the
    Balihoo Search Engine in Publisher Edition provides numerous ways for media
    buyers to find the perfect properties for their campaigns.  Once a property
    is selected, users can drill down to see vehicle-specific data including
    geographic coverage, audience data, contacts, media kits, demographics, ad
    and sales information, reviews and more.  The Balihoo Search Engine also
    provides additional recommendations based upon the specific properties
    selected in an effort to drive more campaign dollars to the publisher.
--  Media Bundling Tool - Media Owners can create customized bundles that
    address the targeted needs of their customers.  The tool also supports the
    quick creation of Run of Network (RON) and Run of Site (ROS) bundles as
    well as cross-medium bundling.
--  Alerts - Media owners can send mass emails to all or a select group of
    customers, notifying them of the availability of remnant, standard or
    premium inventory.
--  Notifications - Customers can opt-in to receive notifications of
    changes to price, placement or status of selected media vehicles.
--  Reporting and Analytics - This section includes tools to track
    customer activity on the portal as well as the efficacy of customized
    pricing and bundles.
--  Admin Console - The admin console enables those with admin rights the
    ability to create new inventory, regulate buyer access and pricing, input
    special pricing, change inventory status, create bundles and initiate Push
    Inventory Alerts.
--  Sales Console - Sales reps with access rights can setup customer-
    specific pricing, review and allocate inventory, manage insertion orders
    and facilitate the execution of purchases.
--  Accounting Interface - Full integration with publishers' existing
    accounting systems.
--  Inventory Management - Manage all ad inventory within the tool or
    interface directly with publishers' existing inventory management systems.

Contact Balihoo directly to learn more about Balihoo Publisher Edition.

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Balihoo (, based in Boise, Idaho, is the leading provider of advertising productivity tools that dramatically streamlines the media buying process, allowing media buyers and sellers to shift more time from administrative work to high-value, strategic efforts. This combined efficiency results in better media plans, increased sales and an overall greater return on invested time and resources.