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August 28, 2006 11:15 ET

Barry Seifer: Retail Design and Strategy Resource

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 28, 2006 -- Barry Seifer has a remarkable awareness of retail issues from well-being (the feel-good factor) to keeping the Wal-Mart wolves from the door. Successful retailers create shopping environments and experiences that deliver a captivating customer experience, excellent operating results and enhanced brand value.

Designing those environments integrates business and brand strategy, architecture and planning. Barry Seifer is an adept and articulate spokesperson who can explain in layman's terms how it is done well, who's doing it well, and what industries need help -- now.

He is available for immediate interview on topics ranging from innovation and the new retail renaissance, to why Wal-Mart is really going green (Wall Street Journal, Aug. 21, 2006) and the seismic shift in power from producers to consumers captured by Chris Anderson in The Long Tail.


Barry Seifer is principal of Cubellis Marco Retail, an international leader in retail design. Influential, outspoken and a published author and award-winning designer, Barry has more than 25 years experience and is expert at briefing journalists on retail design trends and topics. He's articulate, informed, prepared for interviews, and willing to be quoted on subjects of controversy.


Seifer has a cosmic view of the retail design industry. His watch list includes today's trends -- and those still beyond the horizon:

--  Green retailing including organics for mainstream consumers, eco-
    friendly retailing, and energy-conscious store design.
--  New Urbanism, broadly defined to include reviving traditional urban
    cores and refreshing distressed shopping centers as well as building new
    towns that echo the best of historic small-town living.
--  Interactive retailing -- two-way retail without walls, not a one-way
    shipping channel to get stuff to people who can't get to the store.


Retail is more than shopping; it is the single largest sector of the US economy. Retail trends influence lifestyle, environment, science and investment on a large scale.


To interview Barry Seifer, please contact Cubellis Marco Retail media contact Dan Marengo,, 415-986-7212.

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