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January 21, 2010 11:00 ET

Battery Chargers Can Improve Battery Life By As Much As 300%

Charging Saves Vehicle Owners Money, Time and Effort

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire – Jan. 21, 2010) - Vehicle users can improve the life of their batteries by as much as 300% through the use of a battery charger according to, which offers a range of award-winning smart chargers covering cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

As well as making a battery last longer, the use of a smart charger means that vehicle owners can also reduce the time and effort spent on replacing batteries. Taking the correct steps in caring for a battery will also remove any risk of motorists being left stranded whilst on the move in the event that they cannot start their vehicle due to battery failure.

Smart chargers are a perfect solution to these problems. Smart chargers optimise the performance of lead-acid batteries by gauging the batteries charge and taking the appropriate action to maximise the energy within a battery and also its lifetime, benefiting both the vehicle owner and the environment.

The award winning CTEK smart chargers available from can be left attached for as long as necessary without being detrimental to the battery, as the multi-stage charging process means that the battery is only charged to capacity, and when full, it is protected from over-charging using its unique pulse maintenance feature. This makes them perfect for ensuring that batteries are protected over the problematic winter period.

A spokesman for said:

"The winter months are often one of the harshest times for vehicles, making battery care all the more important. Being stranded with a car that is unable to start is the last thing that any motorist needs in the cold weather conditions.

"The use of a motorcycle or car battery charger will significantly reduce the risk of such events occurring, as well as optimising the lifetime of batteries. The chargers are also useful for keeping batteries fully charged whilst a vehicle is in a dormant state, as is evident in many classic cars and motorcycles that are only used in the summer."

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