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March 11, 2010 09:00 ET Highlights Importance of Motor Home Battery Care

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 11, 2010) - The charging and maintenance of leisure batteries in motor homes is of utmost importance in ensuring trouble free journeys according to, which offers a range of award-winning battery care products covering cars, boats, motorcycles and a variety of other vehicles.

The myriad appliances incorporated into motor homes rely on electrical support from the leisure battery, which with extensive usage over the course of a holiday or short break can often lead to battery power being drained in a relatively short space of time. As such, the use of a battery charger is imperative in ensuring that the leisure battery is in optimum condition.

Frequent periods of inactivity can also have adverse effects on motor home batteries, as the cells can become discharged due to their own internal resistance. The use of a smart charger, such as the CTEK XS 7000 available from, will ensure that the battery is always charged to an optimum level, without overcharging, guaranteeing that none of the batteries overall life is sacrificed.

It is equally as important to ensure that the vehicle's engine battery is maintained too, as long periods of inactivity over the winter months could easily lead to battery failure.

A spokesman for said: "We would advise all motor home owners to do all that they can to ensure that both their vehicle engine and leisure batteries are in top condition prior to a holiday, as well as checking them before every planned journey to ensure that extended periods of inactivity have not had a draining effect on their charge."

Alternatively, CTEK has also launched the D250S, a new onboard charger that is powered from the alternator and, will not only charge leisure batteries, but also condition and extend their life whilst on the move.

Recognising when the alternator is powered, the D250S switches itself on, reads the condition of the leisure battery and begins its charging cycle. The unit switches itself off once the engine is stopped and the alternator shuts down. Operating in this way the D250S is completely separated from the starter battery whose performance and operation is unaffected. is brand new website, providing consumers with a plethora of resources on battery care and maintenance. The website is host to a wide range of models of car battery charger, as well as catering for the charging needs of numerous other vehicles from motorcycles to boats.

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