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February 12, 2010 04:00 ET Highlights Most Common Signs of Battery Failure

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 12, 2010) - Recently launched website, which offers a range of award-winning smart chargers covering a variety of vehicles, has highlighted the most common tell tale signs of battery failure in motor vehicles.

Motorists can pre-empt battery failure by looking out for a number of signs, all of which indicate that there may be an issue with a vehicle battery. One way of immediately detecting that there may be a problem with a battery is that the starter motor turns slowly, barely starting the vehicle, which is usually an indication that there may be wiring problems preventing the battery from fully charging. Furthermore, the car may not start at all.

The internal electrics of a vehicle can also exhibit symptoms of battery failure, such as the headlights being dimmer than usual and lights such as the ABS warning on the dashboard coming on at random.

A spokesman for commented:

"There are numerous ways that vehicle owners can look out for any potential problems with their battery, ranging from issues with the actual parts of the car to the electrics within. Motorists should be aware that the electricity inside the car is not the only sign that a battery needs to be charged; if the electrics work but the car won't start, many motorists incorrectly eliminate a flat battery as a cause of this.

"Motorists can make good use of a motorcycle or car battery charger in ensuring that their battery is always in tip top condition. Battery care is of paramount importance in the maintenance and smooth running of any vehicle." is brand new website, providing consumers with a plethora of resources on battery care and maintenance. The website is host to a wide range of models of battery charger for cars, motorcycles and numerous other vehicles, both commercial and industrial.

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