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December 26, 2007 09:00 ET

Battling the Bulge at Work: Employers, Such as Moen, Offer Wellness Programs to Assist Associates With Fitness & Weight-Loss Goals

NORTH OLMSTED, OH--(Marketwire - December 26, 2007) - It's January 1st. This is the year. No more doughnuts for breakfast... drive-through lunches... or candy bars in the car. 2007 will mark the dawning of a new age... of healthy eating and a dedicated workout schedule.

Until you get back to work. And someone brings in their left-over Christmas cookies. Then it's the CFO's birthday with ice cream cake for all. Then you're leaving next week for a trade show with extravagant client dinners every night. That diet you started January 1st? Not happening. You'll start again on February 1st, or so you think...

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, for many this is an all-too-familiar story. Office and cubicle culture, where poor eating and sedentary behavior are the norm, actually has a term associated with it now: an "obesogenic" environment. But many employers are trying to change this situation, primarily because obesity-related health problems cost them $13 billion a year, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

One company leading the way to a healthier work environment is faucet manufacturer Moen Incorporated, which offers fitness and wellness programs to help associates stay on track with their fitness goals. Of the 600 employees working in Moen's North Olmsted headquarters, nearly half belong to the company's on-site Wellness Center.

And the programs Moen offers are working -- not only for its associates, but for the company, as well. Moen did a formal study of the impact on the bottom line and found that for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, Moen saves three to four dollars. The savings arise from reduced time away from work and health care cost savings. For example, the study showed for every $100 Moen associates spend on health care, non-members spend about $46, and Wellness Center members spend less than $5.

What's new for 2008? Following are a few examples of Moen's upcoming programs:

--  Quick Fit -- This exciting 15 minute "no sweat" exercise program was
    created to target those associates who don't have time to exercise.
    Designed by Rick Bradley from Quick Fit Products, Quick Fit is an excellent
    way for sedentary people to ease into exercise and improve their overall
    health in less than 15 minutes a day. This program can be done in the Moen
    Wellness Center, or at an employee's home.
--  Battle of the Departments -- Fostering a competitive spirit, Moen's
    Wellness Center will be implementing an incentive program encouraging
    competition between departments (For example, Information Technology vs.
    Human Resources). The department with the most Wellness Center visits will
    be named the winner, receiving fitness-related gifts such as sporting goods
    gift cards.
--  Fitzee -- "Fitness Yahtzee" is a simple incentive program designed for
    employees to visit the Wellness Center to exercise and literally "roll the
    dice" to fill up their Yahtzee card. This program is a quick stress
    reliever for members to relax and have some fun before or after their

Popular programs returning in 2008 include:

--  The "Fat Bowl" Incentive Program -- Kicking off in January and running
    through March, this program (in its tenth year) places Moen associates in
    teams of four. Similar to the popular TV show, "The Biggest Loser," each
    Moen team earns points for exercising, eating healthy foods and drinking
    water. Every team is weighed-in on a weekly basis, and the top two teams
    with the most points and the most weight lost go to the Moen "Fat Bowl."
    The winning team is crowned "The Biggest Loser" and wins special prizes.
    New for 2008 will be a weekly "Exercise Face Off," where teams will compete
    in a designated exercise to win bonus points.
--  Maintain, Don't Gain 2008 -- Targeting associates who are satisfied
    with their current weight, this Moen program, which started in 2005,
    encourages associates to use the Wellness Center three times per week
    (earning points for each visit). Each participant is weighed in the first
    week of the month, and if they maintain their weight they also receive
    incentive points.  After a designated time period, if the participant has
    maintained their weight, they receive Moen merchandise, such as fleece
    jackets, sweatshirts, and more.


We would be happy to arrange an interview with Gina Palmieri, Manager of Moen's Wellness Center, who could provide further information on the success of the wellness programs. Please contact Jennifer Allanson at 216-696-0229 or for more information.

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