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Best Credit Repairman

April 21, 2010 11:41 ET

Best Credit Repairman Removes Collections, Chargeoffs, Late Payments, Judgments and Bankruptcies

CEDAR GROVE, NJ--(Marketwire - April 21, 2010) - There is no doubt having good credit (a score of 660 or better) makes our lives better and easier. Founded in 2004, Best Credit Repairman offers a method that is custom-made for each individual client to help raise scores. The average client can see an increase of 104 points.

Just about every major purchase in life is determined by one's credit score. Best Credit Repairman has brought together a network of experts in credit who understand the complexities of credit scoring and interest rates.

Credit scores even play a key factor in applying for a job, as well as the cost of insurance. Best Credit Repairman assists clients in raising their credit score and keeping it elevated indefinitely.

Easier said than done? We don't think so. Best Credit Repairman is a full service credit repair agency that can guarantee  credit improves with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Not only does Best Credit Repairman repair credit and raise credit scores, but we also educate our clients on the Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance and credit scoring factors. Clients are armed with what they need to navigate in a world where credit score really matters.

Upon completion of a repair program, not only do clients enjoy the benefits of a high credit score, but they also understand how to maximize their scores in the future and minimize interest rates on major purchases.

Monique Stovall, a repair specialist with Best Credit Repairman, says the country is inundated with consumers suffering from bad credit due to a struggling economy. Our programs are geared towards getting consumers back on track so they can enjoy and reap the benefits of what having good credit has to offer.

Contact Best Credit Repairman to set up a free no-pressure consultation in our office conveniently located in Cedar Grove, NJ off of routes 80, 46 and 3. Our unparalleled response to requests assures our clients receive the ultimate personalized credit repair experience. We continually provide superior attention to detail and we feel, after meeting us, you will know why Best Credit Repairman is New Jersey's premier credit repair agency.

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