SOURCE: Best Credit Repairman

January 23, 2008 08:00 ET

Best Credit Repairman -- The First Credit Repair Company of Its Kind

New Jersey's Premier Credit Repair Company Is Revamping the Way Consumers Shop for Mortgages These Days, Giving Their Clients the Means and Know-How to Lock Into Competitive Interest Rates in a Rough Market

CEDAR GROVE, NJ--(Marketwire - January 23, 2008) - Best Credit Repairman is New Jersey's premier credit repair agency. They bring together a network of credit experts in all areas of law, repair, and credit analysis. Founded in 2004 by Diana Jecki, a specialist in credit scoring to the mortgage industry, BCR offers clients a method of lowering their interest rates on mortgages, as well as maximizing and maintaining their high credit scores permanently.

According to Ms. Jecki, credit scores fluctuate from day to day. Understanding how to get the best credit scores and maintain them permanently is part of BCR's repair plan. Their research has found that once they raise a client's scores they remain elevated indefinitely because of their unique methods.

Unlike other credit repair companies whose staff has little or no credit experience, the repair specialists at BCR are a group of professionals from all fields of the credit industry. They fully understand the complex factors that are related to credit scoring, and will explain to consumers the contributing causes that affect their scores.

BCR's approach is based on an individualized repair plan. Nobody has the exact same credit report, not even husband and wife. Whether clients are suffering from late payments, collection accounts, or judgments, BCR will help to raise credit scores to their maximum potential and keep them there.

"We use Federal and State credit laws as well as data compiled through Federal case verdicts on civil suits for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that we have found to be favorable on our client's behalf," says Ms. Jecki.

The average credit score increase experienced by BCR's clients is 102 points. In addition to score increases, other benefits include educating consumers in credit knowledge, scoring factors, and individual's credit rights under Federal Law. "Most of our clients refer to their experience at BCR as eye-opening and in many cases life altering," says Ms. Jecki.

Keep in mind, a savings of just 1% will shave off $5,000 per year in interest on a 30-year mortgage. That is roughly $150,000 of interest on the term of a loan. With that amount of savings, it should be a mandatory step for any consumer who is applying for a mortgage or re-financing to have a BCR specialist review their credit report.

BCR offers a free consultation in order to determine if a client is a good candidate for this specialized credit repair program.

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