December 08, 2009 14:00 ET

BeyeNETWORK Announces Release of Research on Open Source Adoption

New Research Report by Mark Madsen on the Evolution of Open Source Technology Adoption and the Factors Influencing Adoption in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Segment Is Released

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - BeyeNETWORK announces the publication of a new research report and webinar, Open Source Solutions: Managing, Analyzing and Delivering Business Information, researched by Mark Madsen, industry expert and president of Third Nature. This report describes the evolution of open source technology from a small user community to commercially produced solutions for the business intelligence and data warehouse market.

"Experience breeds adoption," says Madsen in his key findings of this new research report he conducted for the BeyeNETWORK. "Once an organization has used open source technology for more than a year, it begins to use more tools in more categories and often deploys more than one product."

Sponsored by Kickfire, Jaspersoft, Pentaho and Talend, this report includes results of a survey of 399 respondents about their adoption of open source technologies and the solutions they are using. The aim of the research report was to gain a broad perspective of the evaluation, use and practices in both open source-centric communities and the broader IT market.

An on-demand webcast highlighting these latest research results is now available. Madsen presents a comprehensive overview of the maturation of open source technology and details the rationale, practices and benefits that are driving the use of open source as an alternative to traditional vendors in the market.

"Open source is a disruptive technology that is challenging the established vendors in the space," states Ron Powell, Founder and Editorial Director of the BeyeNETWORK. "Mark brings his familiarity with the topic and the vendors in the space and applies survey information to clearly define the current state of open source adoption and explain the challenges and benefits of this new technology."

The full report is available for download at the BeyeNETWORK's research site: View the webcast at

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