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December 03, 2009 09:30 ET

Bidazzled, the Next Big Thing in Online Auctions

Majority of Profits Fund Cancer Charity

LOUISVILLE, KY--(Marketwire - December 3, 2009) -, a new auction website offers steep discounts and risk free bidding all while funding a cancer charity.

December 2nd marks the official marketing launch of In development for the better part of a year, Bidazzled is cleverly designed to improve the overall experience for bidders. Products are all new, factory-sealed and range from iPods to gaming systems like a Nintendo DSi to netbooks, laptops, cameras, televisions and even home appliances, with emphasis on must-have gadgets for the holiday season. The best part is, bids never cost more than a dollar and in many cases are free, and if members don't win, they receive full value of their paid bids towards purchasing the item, plus they also receive Bonus Bids as a thank you for playing.

How it works:

Bidding starts at 18 cents or less and every bid increases the price by that starting amount. Place a bid in the final seconds, the timer resets to 18 seconds to give other bidders one more chance -- Bidazzled's version of "going once, going twice..." But, if someone places a bid of 18 cents on a new laptop and no one else bids, they win -- for 18 cents! The end of an auction is a high energy exciting event and if bidders need to step away from their computer, "BidMate," the easily programmable autobidder, can take over while they are gone. While regular bids cost $1 each, users are given Bonus Bids with each bid purchase. Bonus Bids are also given for referring friends and you also get Bonus Bids if you do not win an auction. If a member has a lot of friends, it is possible to Bidazzle for free and win some amazing items. Just check the links in this release for recent auction results!

Bidazzled is certainly the friendliest and most equitable of the entertainment auction sites. "We stand apart from other sites," says David Brown, one of the company's founders, "because of the quality experience we offer a bidder that did not win. We have in place our Bids Back and Buy Now programs that not only give a percentage of Bids Back depending on how you finish, but also allow bidders to apply all of their paid bids toward the purchase of the item."

"If you use 50 regular bids on a Nintendo Wii console or on a limited edition Xbox and do not win, you can still purchase the item, at a price discounted in full by your bid investment," says Brown, who adds that limiting Bidazzled's online auction availability to North America, and excluding Europe, greatly enhances the odds of a bidder winning. "It's a win-win situation for the bidders. We provide a fun and entertaining site where bidders have a better opportunity to win items at just pennies on the dollar, but can still purchase them at a retail price -- all while supporting a great cause."

Certainly Not Too Good To Be True:

"It's important that people understand our business model and how it works," says Brown. "We know we are going to lose money on most auctioned items. However, we offset that loss, if and when losing bidders purchase the item (discounted by the price of their investment) after the auction at a retail price. Essentially, we operate much like a retail store who purchases at wholesale"

Let us Buy it Back

Bidazzled offers winners something far more than an item for just pennies on the dollar; winners are usually offered the opportunity to immediately sell the item back to Bidazzled (for a slight discount). Depending on the closing price of the auction, the winner is typically presented with the following checkout options:

--  Cash Payment (made through PayPal or via check),
--  Cash Payment and bids, and
--  bids

Buy It Back program has been hugely popular with over 80% of winners electing to sell the item back. Most choose to sell the item back for more bids, which affirms how hugely popular and fun online auctions have become. is also a chance to help others in a BIG way. Bidazzled was born as a way to fund a charity, The Jimmy Ruch Fund. A close friend of Brown's, Ruch was diagnosed and ultimately passed away from Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) in October of 2008. According to Brown, getting reliable information and treatment options was frustrating for his friend, so much so that Ruch created a foundation to promote awareness, treatment alternatives and resources for SCLC. After covering operating expenses, the majority of Bidazzled's profits go toward that foundation. The Ruch family now manages the tax-exempt charity. More information can be found at

Bidazzled helpfully incorporated multiple flash and video tutorials, abundant help pages and a quick start guide, "Bidazzled for Dummies," to aid first-time visitors on how it works.

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