January 28, 2010 12:42 ET

BigFix 2010 IT Dinosaur Viral Video Contest Website Goes Live

A Virtual Jurassic Tech Park Detailing Prizes, Contest Rules, Entry Process and Social Media Links

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - January 28, 2010) -

News Facts

-- BigFix, Inc. officially kicked off IT dinosaur watching season by turning on the official 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards website.

-- The site covers entry procedures, prizes, rules, helpful dinosaur video capture hints, and links to IT Dinosaur Awards social media and viral video content.

-- To enter the contest, IT paleontologists should visit the official entry page and be prepared to upload content to a special viral video contest site.

-- The contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, subject to any limitations as stated in national and local laws.


-- BigFix announced prizes for the contest, including a grand prize of a trip for two to the excavation site near Jordan, Montana, and three $500 cash runner up awards.

-- The Grand Prize includes active participation in's ongoing dinosaur dig. Winners should expect to get their hands dirty, wear suitable clothing, and bring plenty of drinking water.

-- All qualified contestants will receive an official BigFix Dino Hunter T-shirt suitable for wear in data centers, software vendor meetings, and paleontological excavations.

-- Winners will be announced March 2, 2010 in conjunction with the Security BSides gathering in San Francisco.

Contest Organizer Comment

David Appelbaum, senior vice president of marketing for BigFix, said, "The IT Dinosaur contest site is live, which is more than you can say about technology dinosaurs themselves. Entries can be almost anything recordable on video -- first person talking head rants, dramatic reenactments, amateurish animations. The judges want to see and hear about IT dinosaurs at their worst -- IT system management and security products with huge footprints, insatiable appetites for budget dollars and professional services hours, limited intellectual capacity, predatory sales practices, and doomed to failure in rapidly changing IT environments."

Technical and Content Creation Hints

-- Digital video capture is amazingly easy these days -- submissions from 
   standard or high-def video cameras, handheld video devices, digital 
   still cameras with video capture features, or web cams often integrated 
   into laptop and netbook clam shells are all welcome.
-- Objects of derision include products and business practices promoted by 
   brand name companies that have outlived their relevance to 21st century 
   information technology infrastructures.
-- Suggested themes for exploration include: 
   -- Architectural Ugliness -- Solutions that might achieve promised 
      results, but only after putting users through unnecessary steps, a 
      lot of twiddling and tweaking, heavy professional services 
      requirements, limited operating system coverage, and have no future 
      beyond their current generation.
   -- Oversized Footprints -- Products that add to maintenance and support 
      burdens and/or consume excessive budget and computing resources.
   -- Sluggish Performance -- A combination of inherently inertia-bound 
      response of security and system management products themselves, plus 
      their torpor-inducing effects on systems they manage.
   -- Predatory Business Models -- Fear-based marketing, abusive licensing 
      and renewal negotiations, deliberately obstructionist uninstall 
      procedures, and sociopathic approaches to sales engagements.
   -- Stupidity -- Inability to adapt to rapidly changing environmental 
      conditions, atrophied customer service, persisting in ineffective 
      actions long after their uselessness has been documented, reinforcing 
      of failure with more failure, and condescending attitudes towards 
      customers and would be allies. 

BigFix Versus the Dinosaurs

--  BigFix follows a policy of assisted extinction towards living fossil IT 
    systems management and security solutions.
--  BigFix technologies, products, and solutions provide a single pain of 
    glass to see and operate essential system management and security services 
    in enterprise IT infrastructures.
--  The company's products thrive in a wide variety of public sector 
--  Customers can consolidate a wide variety of processes through the BigFix 
    Unified Management Platform including systems lifecycle management, 
    endpoint protection, and security configuration and vulnerability 
--  The BigFix ecosystem thrives by distributing visibility and management 
    responsibilities to computing devices themselves, using the intelligent 
    BigFix Agent to provide real-time visibility and control not possible in 
    legacy solutions. 
--  BigFix survival of the fittest advantages include speed, flexibility, and 
    scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs 
    associated with pre-historic systems and security management.

Information Resources

-- 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards Website:

-- 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards YouTube page:

-- Paleoworld Foundation:

-- Security BSides:

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