January 12, 2010 13:04 ET

BigFix Kicks Off 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards Viral Video Contest

Viral Video Contest to Identify and Expose 2010's IT Dinosaurs

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - January 12, 2010) -

News Facts

-- BigFix, Inc. today declared open season on enterprise IT evolutionary throwbacks with its 2010 IT Dinosaur Awards Viral Video contest.

-- The contest invites enterprise IT professionals to charge up their "Flip," smartphone, and digital video cameras to capture the frustration and costs of working with information technology dinosaurs in modern distributed endpoint computing environments.

-- Videos can consist of eyewitness accounts of management disasters, data rampages, rants against prehistoric business practices and technologies, or creative narrative videos dramatizing events in the Lost World of IT Systems Management.

-- Prizes include a $1,000 first prize, three $500 runner-up awards, and BigFix Dino Hunter T-Shirts for qualified contestants.

Supporting Quotes

"Whether it's huge footprints in the data center, lumbering performance, aggressive predator business models, or pea-brained approaches to managing enterprise computing assets, the IT industry abounds with examples of unintelligent design," said David Appelbaum, senior vice president of marketing for BigFix. "We're calling on intrepid explorers of the IT community to relate their experiences walking with the dinosaurs of IT. These can be almost anything that can be captured on a video camera -- a talking-head rant, eyewitness testimony, or a dramatic re-enactment of a significant event in the unnatural history of enterprise management. We'll be announcing winners the first week of March 2010 at an IT event to be named later in San Francisco, so start shooting now."

IT Security Dinosaur Awards Contest Information

-- The contest calls attention to the inertia of fossilized IT systems management solutions such as Symantec/Altiris, LANDesk, and Microsoft SCCM, that graze on vast amounts of IT greenbacks while taking up significant efforts and cost in their care and feeding.

-- Potential dinosaur hunters are welcome in the meantime to shoot footage and upload it via and forward to the email alias for consideration in the forthcoming contest.

-- BigFix will post official rules for the contest on its website soon.

-- In the meantime, entrants must be a minimum18 years of age, not employed or an independent services contractor to BigFix, Inc., and must take full legal responsibility for content included in their entries.

-- Contest entries close Friday, February 26, 2010.

-- BigFix will announce winners the first week of March, 2010 in conjunction with an IT and security industry event in San Francisco held at that time.

BigFix IT Dinosaur Viral Video Film School

-- Three minutes or less is the best way to hold viewer interest. Any more tries viewer and contest judge patience.

-- Wit, humor, and creativity rate highly with the judges. Unrelieved bitterness is a turn off.

-- For purposes of this contest, dinosaurs are technologies that have outlived their extinct-by dates -- not the companies you work for, unless you want to go back to chipping flint for a living.

BigFix: Survival of the Fittest

-- BigFix technologies, products, and solutions represent a highly evolved approach to consolidating essential system management and security services in enterprise IT infrastructures.

-- The company's products thrive in a wide variety of ecological niches in private and public sector environments.

-- Important habitats include systems lifecycle management, endpoint protection, and security configuration and vulnerability management.

-- The BigFix ecosystem thrives by distributing visibility and management responsibilities to computing devices themselves, using the intelligent BigFix Agent to provide real-time visibility and control not possible in "dinosaur" solutions.

-- BigFix survival of the fittest advantages include speed, flexibility, and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs associated with pre-historic systems and security management.

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