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August 04, 2005 20:49 ET

Bigfoot Expedition to Be Broadcast Live on 24-Hour-a-Day Pay-Per-View Webcast Starting August 6th; Webcast Will Be Available at

HAPPY CAMP, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 4, 2005 -- "Now the whole world can watch us try to track down and study the elusive creature known as Bigfoot," according to C. Thomas Biscardi, leader of the expedition and founder of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization.

The expedition, which has already been investigating multiple Bigfoot sightings since the spring thaw, has located an area in which they expect to find at least two resident Bigfoot, according to Tom Biscardi. The area is near Happy Camp, California and they will begin offering live streaming video of their expedition beginning August 6th on a 24-hour-a-day pay-per-view webcast which people can view on the internet at

The expedition will be broadcast live on for 90 days. The webcast will be available in 65 countries and will cost $14.95 for a 7 day pass and $59.95 for a season pass for 90 days.

Here are several of the multiple news angles and opportunities that will develop around this expedition:

     1) "In addition to being a major scientific expedition to find,
capture and study the creature known as Bigfoot, this expedition will also
become a major event. This expedition is a news story, a business story and
an entertainment story," according to Biscardi.

     2) "There will be real danger, drama, personal interaction stories,
scientific research, discovery, discussion of Bigfoot myth and fact,
extremes of hot and cold from the surface to the caves, the fear of the
unknown, things that go bump in the night, plus plenty of snakes, bugs and
mosquitos," says Biscardi, "and hopefully, we will be able to capture the
creature very soon and then be able to do an extensive study of their
nature and capabilities."

     (Biscardi will be happy to share his snake bite and mosquito stories
with you. After an expedition in 104 degree heat near Happy Camp,
California in June, he counted 155 mosquito bites and was also bitten by a

     3) "Since the expedition will be broadcast live on pay-per-view over
the internet, 24 hours a day for 3 months, starting August 6th, the webcast
itself will generate tremendous interest and it will immediately become the
world's ultimate reality TV show. As an entertainment and curiosity factor,
Bigfoot is bigger than King Kong, and bigger than Godzilla," according to

     How big?  After Biscardi recently appeared as a guest on the Coast to
Coast AM radio show with George Noory on July 14th, after the show, there
were over a million hits to the Great American Bigfoot Research
Organization's website, crashing their website and several affiliated
websites also crashed.

     4) Here are some of the entertainment and business aspects of this
expedition and webcast:

         A) Many of the people who will be on camera on this webcast
            may become instant celebrities.

         B) As the program develops, there will also be opportunities to
            include major celebrities, scientists and newspeople in the

         C) There will be a tremendous amount of photos, findings, video
            tape, film and books forthcoming from this project. With so
            many hours of footage available, the footage will be available
            to be compiled into multiple film, television and book

         D) There will also be opportunities for companies to buy
            advertising on the webcast and the expedition team members
            will also be able to test and feature all kinds of products
            that they may be using including everything from hygiene and
            food products, to clothing, gear and insect repellent, as
            well as soft drinks, bottled water and various scientific,
            communication and computer equipment.   

"This expedition and webcast will become a worldwide event," says Biscardi, "and we hope to be able to prove to the skeptics of the world that some kind of creature called Bigfoot exists. With so many sightings over so many years, in so many countries, there are Bigfoot creatures in many different habitats, and we're going to go in to these caves near Happy Camp and capture one so we can study and find out what kind of creatures they really are."

Biscardi himself has seen Bigfoot creatures five times over the past 32 years of tracking and studying information about the creature. The materials that he has collected and acquired over the years, plus materials that will be forthcoming from this expedition are being categorized for inclusion in a "Bigfoot Museum."

The location that has been chosen for the beginning of this webcast is in a cavernous area near Happy Camp, California. This location has been specifically chosen because of two very recent sightings by two government employees. When these witnesses contacted Biscardi, and Biscardi followed up on their sightings and found more "Bigfoot" tracks, Biscardi determined that this is the place to launch the full scale expedition, now.

The findings and materials that will be forthcoming from this expedition and webcast will also be offered for commercial sale and distribution. Organizations interested in acquiring the rights for projects such as publishing, television, film, merchandising, lectures and exhibits based on Biscardi's expeditions can submit their inquiries to Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations at 205 Park Rd., #208, Burlingame, California, 94010, Tel: 650-344-1951. Barrows will be reviewing initial requests and submissions and will be coordinating publicity for this expedition and webcast.

Information about previous Bigfoot sightings by Biscardi is available on the web site of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization at To follow the webcast, you can register on-line at

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