November 28, 2008 19:02 ET

Bigger, Better, Free: Get Out of Vendor Lock-In With DRBD

BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - November 28, 2008) - LINBIT, the leader in open-source redundant network storage solutions, is reshuffling the card deck in the high availability storage market. DRBD 8.3, to be released in December, will be the first version to incorporate the features of both DRBD and DRBD+ into one main product. DRBD 8.3 will contain all DRBD+ key features like multi-Terabyte device support and three node replication.

LINBIT, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is a ground breaker in the Open-Source community. DRBD, its flagship product, was the first open-source solution of its kind to address redundant network storage solutions. Certain functions were previously only available as DRBD+ under a commercial license. LINBIT has decided to take the next step in its open-source dedication: All DRBD+ features found their way into the DRBD main development tree -- the result is DRBD 8.3.

"DRBD offers our customers the chance to get away from proprietary hardware stacks in the high availability sector, and we're convinced that opening DRBD completely will help it to extend its lead as the primary solution for redundant network data storage in Linux," stated Philipp Reisner, the original author of DRBD and CTO of LINBIT. To Reisner, the fact that DRBD frees customers from vendor lock-in is of paramount importance. "For real redundancy and high availability, we're the free and open alternative to proprietary solutions. DRBD 8.3 is the direct result of this."

"This strategic decision opens completely new customer segments and markets for us. DRBD 8.3 will be even more attractive for many enterprises than previous releases," explains Gerhard Sternath, LINBIT's CEO. "To get full data redundancy and system stability, CIOs are no longer forced to burn cash on software licenses and hardware maintenance contracts." Being asked whether he sees any downside in the license-change, he answers tongue-in-cheek: "Downside? Certainly... for our competitors. Some storage vendors may well be facing hard times."

DRBD®, LINBIT's key technology offering, is an open-source, shared-nothing, synchronous replication solution for the Linux platform. An application neutral technology licensed under the GPL, it adds High Availability capability to databases, virtualization, file services, and much more. Its user base is expanding rapidly, with both DRBD® installations and website visits currently growing by 20% per month. For more details please visit:

DRBD 8.3 will be available in the first half of December.

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