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October 03, 2007 08:41 ET

‘Bill C-32 needs to be re-introduced and passed' -- MADD

MADD Canada calling on MPs to focus on impaired driving legislation in this Fall Session

Attention: News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO --(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2007) - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) members across the country are contacting their Members of Parliament to have the federal impaired driving legislation, Bill C-32, re-introduced and passed in this Fall Session.

Bill C-32 is one of the pieces of legislation that was lost when Parliament was prorogued last month. The impaired driving Bill was at Report Stage and waiting for its final hours of debate in the House of Commons. MADD Canada is calling for Bill C-32 to be re-introduced at Report Stage so that the House of Commons debate and work MPs completed in the Justice Committee will not need to be repeated.

Margaret Miller, MADD Canada's National President says the passage of the Bill should be a priority for MPs, "Impaired driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in our country and incidents of impaired driving continue to occur at an unacceptable rate. There are many measures found within Bill C-32 that will help our Canadian police and courts ensure roads are safer from impaired drivers."

For the MADD Canada organization, Bill C-32 is an important step forward in the fight against the crime of impaired driving. The Bill introduces a legal framework for apprehending and charging drivers high on drugs. The legislation provides needed authority for police to properly lay charges at crash scenes where there has been a fatality. It also closes legal loopholes that are allowing impaired drivers to escape criminal convictions and walk.

Mrs. Miller says, "This Bill will go a long way towards reducing deaths and injuries on our roads. We are encouraged that the Justice Minister is supportive. We are doubly encouraged that all MPs who we have spoken with want to see the legislation re-introduced in the weeks ahead."

The National President adds, "So, we hope this important legislation is not delayed or lost due to any political games in Ottawa. We want to see all Parliamentarians come together to re-introduce the Bill at Report Stage. And we call on MPs and Senators to quickly pass the legislation into law so that Canadians may soon experience a reduction of fatalities and injuries due to impaired driving."

Current statistics reveal an average of about 4 Canadians are killed daily and almost 190 Canadians are seriously injured each day as a result of alcohol-related crashes. Recent statistics also indicate drug impaired driving incidents are on the rise, especially with younger drivers.

MADD Canada is a grassroots organization with over 110 local Chapters / Community Leaders across Canada and more than 750,000 Canadians who donate annually to the mission of stopping impaired driving and supporting the victims of this violent crime.
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