SOURCE: Bill Montgomery

August 18, 2010 23:16 ET

Bill Montgomery Fights to Enforce Human Smuggling Statute; Claims SB 1070 Is Key to Making the Difference

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 18, 2010) - As the third-largest county in the nation, Maricopa County was catapulted into news headlines in April, when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 as a way to crack down on illegal immigration. While this bill has received national and international attention, both good and bad, many locals believe it's a step in the right direction.

"While SB 1070 is not a panacea for illegal immigration, it is one of several tools at our disposal," says Conservative Republican Bill Montgomery, who's running for Maricopa County Attorney in the August 24, 2010, primary election. "I fully support SB 1070 and its full and fair enforcement. I also support the Human Smuggling Statute and the Employer Sanctions Law. None of these tools alone will resolve the problem, but when combined, they are powerful."

The Human Smuggling Statute, for instance, helps discourage people from paying "Coyotes" to facilitate and transport them across the border and into the U.S. In fact, Montgomery vows to prosecute both the coyote and the client, as it is a negotiated criminal act by both parties.

The Employer Sanctions Law works to target businesses that knowingly or intentionally hire illegal immigrants. "A business that is caught violating this law will lose its license for 10 days for its first offense, and have its license permanently revoked on the second violation," explains Montgomery. "Companies who don't do their due diligence to verify citizenship when hiring will be held accountable. Many of these companies are taking advantage of human beings by paying them an unfair wage, which allows them to unfairly compete for business in the marketplace."

A seasoned prosecutor and a former Deputy County Attorney, Montgomery promises voters he'll honor and uphold his oath to serve Maricopa County. "I will not allow the racial or ethnic division of our state, but I will send a clear message to illegal immigrants that it's not worth trying to sneak in," he says. "We need to stop creating an environment in which illegal immigration can proliferate and we'll do so by enforcing these laws and prosecuting offenders. Arizona will become a leader in the nation in using these resources to help protect our borders."

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