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BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc.

April 14, 2010 09:15 ET

BioCentric Energy Announces Launch of New Website

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) is pleased to announce that the Company's new website is complete and live, ( The new website includes updated information on the Company's Executive Team as well as the following pages: the Company's products and services including BioCentric Energy's turnkey commercial integrated PBR system, the Algae Culturing Station, the Wall Unit, and Continuous Flow System; a Qualifying Client form and General Inquiries form; an Investor Relations form; BioCentric Energy's new offerings to the Energy, Oil and Petrochemicals sectors; a time lapsed video showing the deployment of the Company's commercial demo PBR system; and lastly a webcam page that will provide a live view of the Company's commercial demonstration PBR system. 

The commercial demo PBR system is currently undergoing rigorous sterilization, process optimization and calibration protocols. Although the water in the PBR system appears clear, it contains a proprietary cleaning solution that will sterilize both the inside of the tubes and the corners in preparation of inoculating the Company's first commercial target algae strain. The PBR's proprietary PLC system is being monitored and controlled wirelessly by the BioCentric Energy team throughout the day via internet connections and in the corporate offices using a Smartboard that was recently installed for this purpose. The Smartboard receives a monitor-in feed from any laptop or computer and displays a graphic view of the PLC system which is controlling the photobioreactor. This graphic monitoring displays, in real time, the vitals of the PBR system, such as: the flow rate, the turbidity, the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, the pH, the temperature, the nutrient levels and other critical elements that are necessary in the commercial production and growth of the algae. In commercial PBR installations each PLC system is capable of monitoring and controlling 5 acres of production, from inoculation to harvesting and drying.

In the newly renovated state-of-the-art BioCentric Energy laboratory, the process of inoculation of one of the Company's proprietary algae strains (for Omega3/EPA oils) has begun. The BioCentric Energy R&D team is pleased with the robust nature, performance and growth rate of this Omega3/EPA strain and anticipates transferring the algae into the Company's Wall Unit within the next two weeks. Following the transfer of the algae into the Wall Unit for further growth and development, the algae will be inoculated into the large-scale commercial demonstration PBR system. The system is currently running clear water (in the sterilization process) but the color of the water will become golden-brown once the system is inoculated with the Company's Omega3/EPA strain. Each day the color and the volume of the algae biomass will intensify and increase as the algae uses photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into the golden biomass rich in Omega3 oils and other valuable components. The only byproduct of this environmentally-beneficial process is oxygen which is expelled from the unit via the breathing tubes while carbon dioxide (Earth's most abundant greenhouse gas) is consumed to form valuable oils which are essential to the healthy life of humans and most animal life on the planet.

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