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BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc.

January 28, 2010 11:34 ET

BioCentric Energy Holdings Brings New Algae Expert On Board

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - January 28, 2010) - BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) announced today that a highly experienced algae specialist has been hired and will be joining the BioCentric Energy team beginning Monday, February 1st, 2010. This algae specialist will be working onsite at the BioCentric Energy headquarters located in Santa Ana, California. Ms. Domini Maddox, a graduate from the University of Texas, has extensive experience working with and identifying various strains of algae, lipid contents, DNA extractions, PCR amplification and creating laboratory protocols. Also, Ms. Maddox has worked on biofuel research projects sponsored by DARPA. Dr. Jerry Brand, the director of UTEX, who is well known and respected in the algae industry, highly recommended Ms. Maddox for the BioCentric Energy position. Ms. Maddox conducted algae research directly under Dr. Brand for two years. UTEX is the principal resource in the algae industry with approximately 2,300 different strains of algae in collection and an extensive library and research facility. Both Ms. Maddox and UTEX are valuable resources for BioCentric Energy to have within the USA and within our headquarters.

In her new position at BioCentric Energy, Ms. Maddox will be researching and identifying various strains of algae with high lipid/oil contents for various applications, and optimizing and managing the consistent growth of contaminant free algae. Working closely with our technical department, Ms. Maddox and team will manage the monitoring and compensation for dissolved oxygen, the C02 content, nutrient needs, the flow rate turbidity, connectivity, and temperature, in BioCentric Energy's V3 Algae-Pro system. Furthermore, Ms. Maddox will be providing the BioCentric Energy Executive team with daily reports and data on algae growth rates, lipid contents and other relative information as mentioned above.

BioCentric Energy is pleased to announce that the final engineering on the V3 Algae-Pro Photobioreactor system is now complete. We have received via shipment from China the 32 Corners for the V3 Alga-Pro system. Also received at the Santa Ana headquarters are the 8,000 lineal feet of proprietary, seven (7) layer tubing. Installation of the V3 Algae-Pro system will commence over the next two weeks.

BioCentric Energy's Dennis Shen has formally resigned from his position as the company's COO and Board Member so that he may pursue opportunities in the wind-mill industry. BioCentric Energy wishes Mr. Shen the very best in his new endeavors.

Although research on algae has taken place since the early 1970s, algae derived products have never received more attention than today. Every week, BioCentric Energy hears from potential clients wanting to take part in the algae industry but do not know which segment of the algae market they should pursue. This is why BioCentric Energy's marketing department diligently researches potential algae markets from Energy, Health, Beauty, Nutraceutical, Farming / Feed and Carbon Sequestration. One very promising algae market is in Nutraceutical products.

It is no secret that Omega3 is beneficial and necessary for reducing inflammation in the body, improving circulation and even aids in depression. BioCentric Energy's research data shows that the Omega3 derived from EPA/DHA is a billion dollar market and growing. "In 2011 retails sales of food and beverages enriched with omega-3s (EPA/DHA) will reach more than $7 billion."(The US Private label food market - Packaged Facts).

Omega3 (typically known as fish oil) is derived from fish. The EPA/DHA are the powerful properties making Omega3 so valuable. Fish oil does not naturally contain EPA/DHA; however, fish eat the algae that contains EPA/DHA. BioCentric Energy builds affordable, low cost closed-loop photobioreactor systems that grow algae. A specific algae strain with high EPA/DHA oil content will be grown in BioCentric Energy's V3 Algae-Pro systems and the oil will subsequently be extracted. Our clients will quickly be a part of this of growing market. It is estimated that "in the year 2012, EPA/DHA will become a $12 billion market" (The Alternative Health Journal) BioCentric Energy and its products will be playing a significant role in this market. By providing our clients with the latest information on how they can best utilize and profit from their closed loop photobioreactor systems and algae, we can strengthen our company and shareholders future.

As a reminder, the 1st Annual BioCentric Energy Shareholders Meeting will be held on February 24th, 2010 at 12:00pm - 4:00pm at the Las Vegas, Nevada Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. Following the Shareholders meeting on February 25th & 26th (also at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino) is NAA West Coast Chapter Workshop. This workshop will provide you with the latest information in the algae industry; from end products, algae growing equipment to investment advice. All BioCentric Energy Shareholders will receive a discounted admission to attend the NAA Workshop as well as discounted hotel rates.

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