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May 19, 2008 11:43 ET

BioNeutral Laboratories Announces Successful Results in the Field Testing of Ogiene™ CE in the Remediation of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers

Ogiene™ CE Is Designed to Remove Formaldehyde From Trailers, Temporary Structures, Schools, Child Care Centers, Public Facilities, Health Centers, Offices and Homes

NEWARK, NJ--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - BioNeutral Laboratories Corp. announced today that it has completed the first phase of field testing of its Ogiene™ CE formaldehyde neutralization formula on travel trailers supplied by FEMA to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Prior to treatment with Ogiene™ CE, the mean formaldehyde levels among the trailers tested was 85 parts per billion (ppb), at least 10 times the Minimum Risk Level (MRL) for > 365 day exposure of 8 ppb, established by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Following spray application with Ogiene™ CE, the mean formaldehyde levels dropped to 8 ppb. These results show that Ogiene™ CE was significantly effective (p=0.03) in removing formaldehyde from the environment within FEMA trailers under actual-use conditions. Post-treatment formaldehyde measurements will be taken periodically and the second phase of testing has begun, focusing on long term suppression.

Raj Pamani and the Pamani Group are investors in BioNeutral. Mr. Pamani, a Director of BioNeutral, stated, "The focus of BioNeutral's business is environmental protection, health care and bioterrorism. Due to the immediate need for remediation solutions from formaldehyde, mold and other environmental challenges here in the Gulf Region, the company will be establishing its environmental sciences business here in Louisiana, which will include R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. There will be a need to hire and train approximately 250 people once we are up to full strength to assist in the treatment of trailers and temporary structures, schools, child care centers, health clinics, offices and homes. Our group is prepared to invest $10 million to establish the resources to meet these objectives."

"We are excited and encouraged by these results," said Dr. Mason Diamond, President of BioNeutral. "We believe that we have a readily available solution that can provide some relief to the tens of thousands still suffering from the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. We are working with the Sierra Club and religious organizations to test and get help to those suffering, as quickly as possible. We have been in contact with FEMA, the CDC, as well as State Agencies to assist in removing formaldehyde from the trailers and cottages which were purchased but are now on hold."

Dr. Andy Kielbania, Chief Scientist for the company, developed the formulation. Dr. Kielbania stated that "our understanding of the underlying chemistry allows us to develop solution specific formulations which will be very helpful in treating dangerous chemical contaminants and biological toxins."

The CDC Report on Interim Findings on Formaldehyde Levels in FEMA-Supplied Travel Trailers, Park Models, and Mobile Homes (2/29/2008) states that the (geometric) mean level of formaldehyde in these trailers was 77 ppb (ranging from 3 to 590 ppb). At this level, formaldehyde has been associated with headaches, nosebleeds, eye and upper respiratory tract irritation, asthma, bronchitis, and an increased risk of cancer. Formaldehyde levels in the trailers tested were consistent with the CDC findings.

According to Becky Gillette, Formaldehyde Campaign Director, Sierra Club Gulf Coast Environmental Restoration Task Force, "We have an urgent need for a solution to deal with the dangerous levels of formaldehyde affecting tens of thousands of families in trailers and permanent housing, as well as schools, health centers and other structures." Confirming the potential scope of this dilemma, Dr. Thad Godish, Director of Indoor Air Quality Research Laboratory at Ball State University, stated that, "This problem is bigger than FEMA trailers!"

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BioNeutral was organized in 2003 to commercialize a novel combinatorial chemistry-based technology which can neutralize harmful environmental contaminants, toxins and dangerous micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and spores. The formulations are green and include natural and common ingredients which are found in baby products and the foods we eat. We combine these widely-used compounds in unique ways to create enhanced results.

BioNeutral's proprietary platform technology has been proven effective in surface, water and airborne applications. The products include BioNeutralizers and ChemoNeutralizers. BioNeutralizers disinfect, decontaminate and sterilize. BioNeutral believes it has the broadest-based, fastest acting, most effective and safest antimicrobial known. This class of products has important applications for consumers, healthcare and the military. ChemoNeutralizers irreversible bind chemical contaminant and toxin molecules and render them harmless. Product applications include industrial pollution and protection against chemical weapons of mass destruction.

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