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January 07, 2008 09:00 ET

BioShaft Water Technology Inc. Announces New Product Line Ideal for Emergency and Military Situations

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - BioShaft Water Technology Inc. (the "Company" or "BioShaft") (OTCBB: BSHF) is pleased to announce that it has launched a new product line of packaged domestic wastewater treatment systems ideal for emergency situations such as sewage overflow, system failure, natural disasters and military uses.

The new Hans BioShaft Packaged system is mobile and delivered ready for immediate installation. It is a pre-engineered, standard, packaged system designed as a complete domestic wastewater solution. The Hans BioShaft Packaged System is a compact and economic alternative that provides customers with a quick means of installation and commissioning in the event of a sewage emergency situation. The United States has many aging and overburdened sewage systems which result in regular sewage overflows and the Hans BioShaft Packaged System was designed for these emergency situations and can handle from 5000 up to 30,000 gallons per day.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency's own numbers, annual sewer overflows are staggering. For combined sewer systems, EPA estimates that 850 billion gallons of raw or partially treated sewage is discharged annually into local waters.

For separate sanitary sewer systems, the EPA estimates that between 23,000 and 75,000 sanitary sewage overflows occur per year in the United States, discharging a total volume of three to ten billion gallons per year. These discharges, laden with potentially harmful chemicals, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria, often wind up in local rivers and streams, city streets, parks, or in unfortunate cases, directly into peoples' homes.

Adam Yassine, VP of Marketing for BioShaft, said, "We are pleased to announce one of our new products that are ideal for emergency situations and military use. Because it is so simple to set up and install, it can be mobilized at a moment's notice for times when sewage systems overflow or break down or when a military camp needs to be set up or moved. It is an ideal mobile wastewater treatment system."

About Bioshaft Water Technology Inc.

BioShaft is an innovative wastewater treatment technology based on Bio-Filtration utilizing sludge carriers. These plants are made using the Hans BioShaft Turbine that is at the heart of the wastewater technology. It was developed in the Netherlands in 1994 and was improved upon by Dr. Hans Badreddine and implemented as Hans BioShaft®. It is patented in the United Kingdom and the patent is pending in the United States. To date there are more than 30 Hans BioShaft domestic waste water treatment plants in use throughout the world. The plants have many benefits over traditional waste water treatment systems. Some of these benefits include: almost no odor -- the plants are considered odorless; no sludge -- the patented BioShaft's attached growth process results in the elimination of sludge; the BioShaft has much lower energy consumption, and less significant land requirements. The Hans BioShaft® System is a process that can maintain itself as well as the world's environment at a much higher level than conventional sewage treatment technology. In other words, the Hans BioShaft® System is a Sustainable Technology. Many other benefits are detailed on the company's website

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