SOURCE: Birdstep Technology

October 30, 2006 14:25 ET

Birdstep launches support for more than 80% of all HSDPA devices

The latest device update for Birdstep's Alice Connection Manager (ACM) strengthens its hand in the areas of HSDPA and embedded modems

OSLO, NORWAY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 30, 2006 -- Birdstep's ACM is unique in the market with regard to the depth and breadth of its device support. ACM currently supports hundreds of PC Cards, mobile phones and embedded modems for laptop vendors such as Fujitsu Siemens, Sony Vaio and Toshiba.

New devices are added every week as new devices become available and mobile operators' requirements grow. The September update provides extensive support for seven new HSDPA PC-cards:

--  Huawei E620 HSDPA 1.8 PC Card
--  Huawei E630 HSDPA 3.6 PC Card
--  Huawei E220 HSDPA 1.8 USB Modem

--  Sierra Wireless Aircard MC8755 HSDPA (Embedded)

--  Novatel U740 HSDPA 1.8 PC Card
--  Novatel EU740 HSDPA 1.8 PC Card (Embedded)
--  Novatel XU870 HSDPA 3.6/7.2 (Express card)
This recent update means that Birdstep continues to supports more than 80% of the available HSDPA cards on the market today.

Birdsteps test procedures for new devices are both stringent and extensive. They are designed to ensure that the interaction between the devices and Birdstep software will live up to the high performance standards set by the company internally and in interaction with customers. The tests involve performance, stability and functionality to ensure the best user experience possible. In the case of HSDPA it is essential to focus on the performance and throughput of traffic since the users expects a lot from these new types of pc cards and embedded devices.

Extensive device support and the ability to quickly add support for new devices is a vital part of the service Birdstep provides to its mobile operator customers. It becomes increasingly important as the pace at which new devices and networks are introduced increases.

"The number of HSDPA modems and embedded modems available on the market has increased significantly over the last six months, resulting in a stream of customer requests for support for these devices. Birdstep prides itself on being able to provide a rapid response to such developments and has set the ambition to always support more that 80% of all available devices on the market. The sooner our software is adapted to deal with a specific device's unique characteristics and the sooner those adaptations have been thoroughly tested, the sooner that device can be on the market generating business for our customers - and that is what we are here for!" says Robert Vangstad, VP Marketing at Birdstep.

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