April 22, 2010 08:05 ET

Black Google Search Engine Blackl Set to Win Over People's Hearts

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 22, 2010) -

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Blackl search engine provides a fresh approach to black Google energy saving searches. Optimised for personal computers and high end devices such as iPhones, Blackl is available for dark Google searches in over 50 countries.

Blackl, which was showcased as a prototype search engine to mark the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, has passed to public testing phase on Earth day (22 April 2010).

Blackl ( relies on small data transfer technology and 100% renewable energy servers to provide users with a sustainable search engine.

Users have long waited for an opportunity to use Blackl's platform. With the open release of Blackl, internet users are finally able to start exploring this search engine's black Google concept.

Created by UK and US infrastructure consultants willing to use their knowledge for a worthy cause, Blackl is a show of how much can be achieved when parts of the society put their skills to good use.

Google Custom Search service was ultimately chosen due to the internet giant's ethical and environmental values.

According to Blackl's team:

"We decided at early stages to go with Google. Black, Google Custom Search was an obvious choice for a search engine aiming to achieve the very best search experience while preserving the environment. Google's ethical values are second to none among search engines, a perfect fit for our eco-friendly platform."

Following the buzz around Blackl's prototype, expectations are high. Search results display will become the spotlight. For the first time, a black Google environment is set to display Google Custom Search base results with an easy to read, intuitive layout. This will be a major change from old generation versions displaying adds at the top and bottom of your search page. It is also easily accessible from high end devices such as iPhones.

By hosting on 100% renewable energy servers and minimizing data transfers, the team behind Blackl search engine expects to contribute towards a rewarding internet browsing experience where everyone feels proud to do their bit for the environment. Using a dark Google background is also shown as capable of enabling users to save energy on their display. Savings will be higher for CRT than for LCD screens but it is expected that as new LCD's penetrate the market, screen display will start playing a bigger role in Blackl's energy savings (specially for cell phones).

The team behind the black Google search engine Blackl sincerely hopes this project enables users to have the best possible search engine experience as they focus on doing more and more to develop sustainable web search systems.

For more information on the black Google search engine Blackl contact You can also go to Blackl's website ( and read the "about us" section which will have useful information on dark Google searches.

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