November 06, 2007 13:11 ET

BlueArc Debuts Nearline Storage Solution With Market-Leading Density, Expands Scalability of Titan Product Line

Company Adopts Dense SATA Archival Solution, Extends Storage Capacities and Clustering, Helping Companies Reduce Storage Acquisition Costs, Extend Data Lifecycle

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - November 6, 2007) - BlueArc® Corporation, a leader in scalable, high-performance unified network storage, today announced a set of powerful upgrades that help organizations generate even greater value from their data and storage infrastructure. BlueArc Titan servers now offer market-leading archiving capabilities, helping customers to plan and implement cost-effective tiered storage strategies that take advantage of multiple storage types, including the addition of new ultra-dense SATA arrays that can offer 36 terabytes per 4u shelf, or nearly 400 terabytes in a standard 42u system. Additionally, BlueArc has expanded the scalability of the company's systems through 2 petabytes of data in a single namespace -- we believe to be the equivalent of the contents of all U.S. academic research libraries combined, and increased clustering support to eight nodes with near-linear performance scalability.

"BlueArc customers' data needs are growing and their storage strategies are getting more sophisticated," said Steve Daheb, senior vice president, marketing and business development, BlueArc. "Even as they are making the most of existing features for tiered storage and clustering, users see more opportunity to capitalize on Titan's unsurpassed performance. That's terrific validation for our approach to storage solutions and technology."

In demanding computing environments where success can depend on serving massive quantities of data to thousands of concurrent users, BlueArc Titan 2000 series servers demonstrate performance, scalability and reliability that dramatically exceed conventional storage system function. Now, enhanced scalability and archiving support for BlueArc customer implementations gives them the ability to scale up to more data-intensive tasks from a specific application, and to scale out to support additional applications and users.

Improved Archiving Contributes to Cost-effective Strategy

BlueArc's new high-density storage arrays provide customers with more options for cost-effective use of nearline and deep archive storage, helping to reduce total storage acquisition costs. The SA-48 RAID Array for BlueArc's Titan series is the industry's highest-density, vertical-drive nearline and archive RAID-array storage solution. The SA-48 RAID Array supports larger storage disk drives and RAID 6 capability, for greater fault tolerance and data protection in nearline and dense-archive storage configurations.

SA-48 RAID Array features include:

--  Dual RAID controllers for reduced risk
--  Support for 48 drives within a four-unit sub-system, with initial
    capacity for 24 terabytes of storage (500 GB SATA) or 36 terabytes of
    storage (750 GB SATA)
--  Scalability to 10 systems within a single rack, for raw capacity
    ranging from 240 to 580 terabytes
--  Capacity for 64-bit SCSI addressing changes that support disk drives
    up to 64 terabytes in size

Enhanced Storage Scalability Sustains Performance

Customers planning to add applications and users can design high-availability configurations that take advantage of BlueArc Titan servers' improved clustering architecture and 2 petabyte maximum usable capacity.

Updated clustering architecture doubles BlueArc Titan capacity to eight nodes in an N-way cluster with near-linear scalability. Maximum usable capacity has been increased to support larger cluster configurations as well: A BlueArc Titan 2200 or 2500 node or cluster now can scale to 2 petabytes -- four times the system maximum prior to the upgrade. Cluster and server scalability-related enhancements also include support for storage disk drives up to 64 terabytes, and a two-fold increase in EVS support to 64 EVS.


Clustering architecture and system capacity enhancements are available worldwide immediately. BlueArc nearline storage solutions featuring ultra-dense SATA arrays will become available in December. For more information, please call 866 864-1040 or e-mail

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