November 15, 2005 08:01 ET

BlueArc to Demonstrate World's Fastest Network Storage System at SuperComputing 2005

Titan Participating in StorCloud Initiative to Build a Heterogenous High Performance Computing Storage Environment

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2005 -- SUPERCOMPUTING 2005 -- BlueArc® Corporation, provider of the world's highest performance network storage systems, today announced that the company's Titan Storage System, measured as the world's fastest storage system and file system, according to multiple third-party benchmarks, will be integrated with SuperComputing 2005's StorCloud, the high performance computing industry's collaborative effort to deliver an unprecedented heterogeneous "petabyte-scale" storage farm to enable showcase applications for demonstration purposes demonstrating interoperability and massive performance. For the StorCloud exhibit, Titan will be deployed as a NAS gateway, front-ending Sun Microsystems' StorageTek disk, as part of a joint solution delivered by the two companies.

For the fifth consecutive year, BlueArc will be exhibiting at the high performance computing industry's largest annual conference, anticipated to draw more than 9,000 attendees. The SuperComputing conference is unique in its combination of a state-of-the-art technical program and premier industry and research exhibition. For the past 17 years, the event has brought together scientists, engineers, systems administrators, programmers, and system managers to showcase innovative developments that are sparking new ideas and new industries. BlueArc's Titan Storage System, the NAS system of choice for high performance computing environments, both commercial and academic, will be on display in booth #707. Titan will also be a key component of StorCloud, located in booth #1116.

After a successful debut at SuperComputing 2004, StorCloud continues as a special initiative for SuperComputing 2005 to build a high performance computing storage capability showcasing HPC storage technologies and applications. Portions of StorCloud will comprise state of the art heterogeneous devices and technologies to build a virtual on-site "storage on request" capability to support researchers and demonstrate high bandwidth applications at the conference. Other portions will be dedicated to supporting specific data intensive applications with predetermined configurations and requirements.

Since the product's introduction in early 2004, Titan has gained significant traction in the world's most challenging computing environments -- delivering network storage performance and throughput capable of enabling massive compute clusters to achieve their full potential, and eliminating bottlenecks commonplace with traditional processor-bound NAS architectures. High performance compute clusters are seeing rapid deployment in all industries, ranging from entertainment, life sciences and oil and gas, to the largest commercial enterprises. As the perfect complement to companies' HPC clusters, Titan achieves throughput and I/O performance that eclipses competitive systems, bound by antiquated architectures.

"Titan is uniquely designed for the high performance computing market, delivering unparalleled performance and capacity, enabling researchers, scientists and project managers the ability to deliver monumental innovations without requiring monumental costs or storage management," Steve Daheb, vice president of marketing for BlueArc, said. "BlueArc is pleased to work together, as a TekAlliance partner, with Sun Microsystems, to provide a collaborative solution for this year's StorCloud initiative at SuperComputing 2005 -- enabling the conference's 9,000 attendees the opportunity to see the world's most-unique storage platform in action."

BlueArc's Titan Storage System is backed by a unique hardware-accelerated architecture that allows customers to scale their storage systems far beyond any other servers available on the market today. Titan's inherent ability to support primary, nearline, and archive storage within the same storage system enables customers to upgrade the system, utilizing the latest disk technology, when needed. Automatically storing data on the most appropriate storage dramatically reduces cost while maintaining access times consistent with application requirements. Titan allows a single file system to grow up to 256 terabytes and delivers throughput of up to 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps). The architecture adapts to changing application or capacity needs, thus simplifying management, accelerating productivity and protecting a customer's long-term investment. Alongside the system's hardware benefits, Titan also features an industry-leading software suite including virtual servers, policy-based data migration, iSCSI support, remote mirroring and a WORM file system.

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BlueArc® Corporation changes the economics of network storage by helping customers manage more information with less effort. BlueArc's Titan storage systems enable organizations to maximize performance and reduce operating costs through the movement of software functions into programmable hardware. Since 1998, BlueArc has provided scalable and reliable products, services and solutions to help enterprises achieve unmatched productivity and profitability from their data. The company's headquarters are in San Jose, California with UK operations based in Bracknell, England. More information on BlueArc is available on the Internet at

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