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November 15, 2005 08:00 ET

BlueCat Networks Releases Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance to Early Adopter Program Candidates

Web-Based, Purpose-Built IP Address Management Appliance Boasts Unique Dual-Core Architecture, Lateral Tagging and Comprehensive Policy Management

RICHMOND HILL, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2005 --BlueCat Networks today announced that its Proteus Enterprise Internet Protocol (IP) Address Management (IPAM) appliance has been released for testing to participants in an Early Adopter Program. Proteus is the only web-based, purpose-built IPAM appliance of its kind, and was created to streamline the administration and management of IP inventories as well as critical Domain Name System (DNS) name space and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allocation.

"Effective IPAM demands more than just a check-box on the feature list of a DNS server -- it requires a purpose-built appliance like Proteus that embraces a unique dual-core architecture to streamline the administration and management of IP inventories, as well as critical DNS and DHCP services," said Richard Hyatt, CTO of BlueCat Networks. "As a dedicated IPAM appliance, Proteus stands out from other IPAM solutions by providing both small businesses and global enterprises with the most advanced, flexible and affordable solution to ensure the infrastructure that secures and supports their mission-critical networks is managed in the most effective way."

Among the companies participating in the Proteus Early Adopter Program is a large financial institution; a consumer rewards program; a large manufacturer of enterprise software solutions; and one of America's largest metropolitan networks. These early adopters will be deploying Proteus in a safe laboratory environment that simulates existing network architecture configurations, providing ideal conditions under which to test and provide feedback on the advanced functionality of this next generation IPAM solution. The commercial release of Proteus is on track for January 2006.

"All BlueCat Networks products are designed with our customers' needs in mind. Through this early adopter program, we can ensure that the real world requirements of some of the most complex networking environments that exist today, are built right into this next-generation appliance," said Hyatt.

While today's dynamic networking environments can be challenging to manage, the stakes are raised even higher and the critical need for an effective IPAM solution becomes obvious when emerging technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) come into the picture to increase IP utilization by at least one hundred percent.

According to Hyatt, "Proteus is built in the best possible way for an IPAM solution. No other product available today can match the intuitive control and adaptability of the Proteus system, which embraces a high security appliance design and also offers a unique dual-core architecture that will support the needs of tomorrow's networks and deliver unmatched returns on investment today."

Technology That Leads the Way for IPAM

Proteus offers a powerful design and deployment environment as well as a monitoring and reporting tool. It builds on the strength of BlueCat Networks' award-winning Adonis appliance, and encapsulates industry-leading technology and features, that include:

Dual-Core Architecture: With Proteus' unique dual-core architecture design, IP and DNS information are modeled separately, yet linked to ensure that changes in one system are carried through to the other.

Lateral Tagging: Proteus provides a level of granularity that only a purpose-built appliance can deliver by enabling organizations to tag and classify assets in accordance with an organization's existing data structures -- i.e. by subnet, classes, service, geography, administrator or user. With this approach, Proteus can be adapted to meet the needs of every organization.

Global IP Inventory Management: Proteus is designed to scale beyond the requirements of a Fortune 500 company. It provides multiple configuration options for organizations that are looking to centralize critical and disparate resources. Proteus users can control DNS, DHCP, and IP inventories from any location in the world. In addition to supporting hundreds of concurrent administrators from a single appliance, Proteus can also track all configuration changes and resolve problematic scenarios.

Translation of Complex Business Policies: Human Resources, Legal, other corporate policies, and external policies such as Sarbanes Oxley Act, Gramm Leach Bliley Act and others can be directly translated into IP configurations. An object-oriented modeling approach enables organizations to easily restrict or provide access to select resources for specific users.

Predictive Modeling: Organizations can take advantage of BlueCat Networks' unique built-in error checking for IP, DNS, and DHCP configurations in real time, to avoid the syntax and logical errors that can lead to business disruptions. Proteus can reconfigure IP provisioning on a large scale without making live changes, allowing administrators to test assumptions and model ideas without adversely affecting the network.

Wizards: Powerful built-in wizards streamline the deployment of new architectures and topologies, helping growing organizations to capitalize on their investment by making it easy to implement new services in real time.

With the launch of its Proteus Early Adopter Program, BlueCat Networks has made available a new whitepaper that addresses the topic of IPAM. The whitepaper can be downloaded from the BlueCat Networks web site.

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