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January 09, 2006 12:00 ET

Bluetooth Fulfills A Promise To Help Both Experienced Users And Recent Converts

Wireless Bluetooth technology is being used in everything from automobiles to mobile phones, m-p-3 players to head phones. By the end of 2005 a record 10 million units of Bluetooth technology were shipping weekly with sales expected to increase significantly in 2006 and as the Bluetooth market soars, so does the need for more consumer oriented information. Mike Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, says the company's new web site fulfills a promise to help both experienced users and recent converts.

"We're committed to making sure every Bluetooth user has the best experience possible. On the new site, you'll find information geared toward different types of users. 'Learn' is very basic information for the novice. 'Connect' offers more in depth information for maximizing Bluetooth functionality. 'Apply' is aimed at experienced users and companies looking to incorporate Bluetooth technology into their products, and the 'Assembler' helps users identify Bluetooth enabled products that can connect with their existing ones."

More information can be found on the new web site at bluetooth.com.

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