January 17, 2007 09:36 ET

Book Reviews on Video Launched at

SAN FRANCISCO--(Collegiate Presswire - January 17, 2007) - Online book buy-back site becomes the first website to offer book reviews on video today. With other websites still only offering written book reviews, visitors to now see and hear reviewers' comments straight from their mouths.

"This is a huge breakthrough in online book reviews," says Blue Rectangle co-founder Joy Johnson. "It's like friends telling you about books they just read. You get all the passion and excitement of personal interaction. We have a wide variety of reviewers and each review is short, focused and fascinating."

Starting with an initial selection of varied reviews, the company is adding new ones daily. According to company co-founder Michael Johnson, anyone can become a video book reviewer at Blue Rectangle. "We want everyone to speak about books - not just authors, writers or experts, but book lovers too. You get a sense of who the reviewer is and how that relates to the book they read."

Early reviewers of the new feature are giving excited feedback. "There is nothing else like this on the web," says Blue Rectangle customer Ed Owens. "I think it's great that someone is giving average people this exposure. It's a lot of fun!"

BlueRectangle's book reviews on video can now be seen at, and anyone wanting to become a video book reviewer can go to to get started.

ABOUT BLUERECTANGLE.COM is an online book site dedicated to completely re-making the online bookstore experience. It is owned by Joy and Michael Johnson, founders of Pacific Book Exchange, LLC. Starting in 1997 out of their garage, the Johnsons built one of the largest independent booksellers on the web with over 200,000 books online. Their eBay store, Free Book Shipping, is the second largest bookstore and the ninth largest store of any kind on eBay.

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