October 01, 2007 11:35 ET Introduces World's Most Powerful Stock Trading System

CANTON, GA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) - Paul Lemal, founder of, an Internet website dedicated to educating investors on the stock market, has developed a proprietary stock selection system that can transform ordinary investors into 'super traders.' According to Lemal, "The proprietary course, 'The Surfer's Guide to Stock Investing' is a completely new way of analyzing and picking stocks. It's simple, easy to execute and doesn't require sitting in front of a computer trading all day."

In addition to the course, maintains an active chat room, e-zine and blog ( for those who choose to take a more involved approach in their trading. Lemal is in the chat room demonstrating the power of this form of trading in real-time, and as a result, the chat room has become known as one of the best places to identify high-probability momentum trades before they really take off. Recently discussed trades include a Chinese online finance company that gained 300% in less than thirty days; and, a small telecommunications equipment maker up over 400% in 8 days. Others include: a small Canadian solar company, up almost 100% in 5 days; a manufacturer of solar semiconductors up over 160% in one month, a dry shipper, up over 400% in the last 8 months; and, a processing systems provider up over 300% in 12 days. Lemal's subscribers can make money when the market is going up and going down, he caught almost 30% on the short side with a life insurance company, which he called a 'sell short" candidate before it began its free fall earlier this month. For further information on performance please go to:

"The course truly is an educational system, something you can learn and apply to become independent in your thinking," added Lemal. "The primary difference I see (compared to other trading courses) is that many trading courses are either heavily weighted towards short-term trading, scalping small percentages here and there, and require a much more extensive knowledge of technical analysis; or are too focused on fundamental analysis without regards to the current trading action of a particular stock. This form of trading acknowledges the role of fundamentals in choosing quality trades yet we pay much more attention (at least in the short-term) to the trading action of the stock."

More information on Lemal's stock education services is available at

About The Surfer's Guide to Stock Investing

The Surfer's Guide to Stock Investing course is the heart and the soul of the BottomSpringers style of stock trading. It is a 295-page manual with all of the BottomSpringers trading secrets, the unique trade setups based on the never-seen-before stock 'Momentum Signatures,' plus dozens and dozens of real life chart breakdowns -- explaining each and every one of the 'Momentum Signatures' how to instantly recognize them, how to find them in the market every day, and exactly how to produce maximum profits from them. You'll learn every single aspect you need to know so that you'll never miss those home-run trades again.


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