November 26, 2008 03:03 ET

Bra and Panties Worn on New Year's Eve Can Influence Your Luck in 2009

Yellow or Gold Underwear Worn at Midnight Brings Work, Money and Success --

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - November 26, 2008) - For centuries people have been observing the end of one year and the beginning of another and underneath the celebration and partying there is an ancient holiday with deep spiritual roots. This year, with a cooling economy and escalating layoffs, many people are worried about the fallout from the credit crunch. Concern about the future is running high.

Many people around the world believe that everything we do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day has significance for the future. The American custom of spending the night with a loved one and kissing them at midnight ensures that the relationship will flourish during the coming year. In some South American countries, the color of the bra and panty worn at midnight on New Year's Eve is believed to influence your luck in the coming year. Gold or yellow is worn for prosperity -- work, money and success.

Other choices are white for peace and happiness, blue for health, pink for love and red for passion. Yellow is the most popular color in Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. Lima, Peru comes alive with the color for New Year's Eve. Everyone and everything is absolutely saturated in it. Wearing yellow underwear is a particularly strong tradition.

Although traditionally Mexico favors red and pink is tops in Argentina, it's predicted that this year gold or yellow will be the clear favorite in many countries. The colors chosen must be light and the underwear always brand new.

This Honeydew Camellia lace bra and panty set should be a winner for the ladies. Wear the yellow panties inside out to improve your luck. The Cin2 no show boxers are a perfect choice for the guys.

The tradition can be traced back to Spain in the middle ages when it was forbidden to wear bright colors, but since the people believed in the tradition they wore the colors underneath their clothes.

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