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October 09, 2009 08:31 ET

Brand Neue Corp. Announces Significant Design and Application Enhancements to Its Patented Gizmo Closure

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2009) - Brand Neue Corp (OTCBB:BRNZ) ("Brand Neue" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that, a series of design enhancements made to its patented Gizmo Closure ("Gizmo") will significantly reduce product manufacturing and shipping costs, and increase the device's range of beneficial applications and potential end-users.

The German manufactured, pressure-charged Gizmo, was originally conceived as an innovative bottle closure designed to deliver precise amounts of active ingredient into still or carbonated bottled liquids, upon 'twist and opening' of the pressurized cap. Immediately after signing a global rights assignment agreement in July of this year, Brand Neue executives began refining Gizmo, the young Company's flagship product, for potential use by a wider range of end users.

Design enhancements include: an overall streamlining of the cap to reduce weight and mass; fortification and enlargement of internal containment system; fortification of chamber lining materials and component plastics to ensure non-transmission of oxygen and gases over greatly extended periods. "These and other design enhancements markedly improve Gizmo's appeal to our original group of potential customers," says Brand Neue CEO Adi Muljo. "But more important, Gizmo, as an integral component of new product innovation and development, is now relevant to a whole new range of beverage, pharmaceutical/neutraceutical, and industrial manufacturers."

Gizmo's new look and feel inspired Brand Neue Advisor Don Park to initiate discussions with the wine making and bottling industries with respect to how Gizmo could potentially reduce spoilage and re-corking losses, and regulate oxidation of premium wines at the cellaring stage, or, oxygenate young table wines 'at home and on demand' for consumers. "All of us (at Brand Neue) have in common, this forensic style of thinking," says Mr. Park. "Quite often the most successful inventions are not merely the inventions themselves, but rather a non-traditional application of the original great idea. This is a very exciting time in our Company's development."

According to statistics released this year by Vinexpo, an internationally respected source of wine trending and consumption research, domestic and global wine production and consumption forecasts are on the rise. Globally, wine consumption is expected to increase by 6% by 2012, to 2.82 billion cases (25.34 billion litres). In the US alone, red wine consumption, to which Gizmo's timed or instant oxygenation benefits most aptly apply, is expected to grow to 1.74 billion litres over the next five years. The current US red wine market stands at 1.47 billion litres, but by 2012, the US is projected to be the largest consumer of wine in the world.

The Company is in discussions with several different groups representing a variety of food service, consumer goods and industrial sectors, regarding potential Gizmo sales or licensing agreements. News of those and other Company developments should be released in the coming weeks.

About Gizmo

The Gizmo Closure has extraordinary consumer appeal and is uniquely suited to the development of next-generation beverages and liquid consumer products. Gizmo has a wide range of food service, retail, manufacturing, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications, and is fun and easy to use (see Upon opening, a pressure-charged chamber inside the screw-on cap for plastic or glass bottles, disperses a precise amount of flavoring, vitamins and minerals, oxygen or carbonating gas, or other active ingredient into the still or carbonated liquid below - thus creating a fresh, active and enhanced mixed beverage (or other liquid) on demand.

The Gizmo Closure is tamper evident and can withstand the pressures of sterilization. By adding flavors, colors, essences, vitamins, minerals, herbs, medicines, and concentrates and other active and non-active ingredients to a variety of base liquids, Gizmo facilitates the production of fresh and innovative ready-to-drink and ready-to-use beverages and liquid products in plastic or glass bottles. The ingredient chamber is specially sealed and impervious to light and contamination; two issues that continue to trouble the beverage and bottled vitamin enhanced water industries.

Brand Neue, through an innovative option agreement, owns the patents, and exclusive licensing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights to the Gizmo Closure, in the 15 world markets identified and occupied by the leading retail company Walmart. The Brand Neue licensing agreement for the Gizmo Closure includes exclusive worldwide rights for women's drinks, children's drinks, protein drinks, naturally sweetened drinks, organic energy drinks, pet drinks, pet water, fruit drinks, vegetable drinks, spice teas, fruit teas, (vitamin and mineral) enhanced waters (nutraceuticals), alcoholic beverages and coffee beverages, with non-exclusive rights for regular and green teas.

About The Company

Brand Neue Corp. is a product innovation company dedicated to globally sourcing, developing, marketing, licensing and distributing innovative new products to food service, retail, manufacturing and industrial application clients worldwide.

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